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Desc:Auto-target isn't just for video games anymore!
Category:Science & Technology, Fashion
Tags:gun culture, smart rifles, trigger lovers, Tracking Point Innovations, child extermination devices
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Comment count is 15
Finally technology has advanced far enough to give us a tactical advantage over animals.
Oscar Wildcat
You'd think for larger game like that he'd want to use the RPG.
Shoot people downtown while still uptown on our new iKill app!
Trigger Jerks.
"Enabling anyone to hit moving targets at extended rages" as all the examples show beautiful side of a barn shots on standing still critters. And what's with the red targeting dot? Is that letting me know NOT to take a shot at the animal's ass?
Sanest Man Alive
That'll get you five to ten, depending on your state's obscenity laws, so it's a good bit of advice to remember.

Starting at just ,000!
This seems about as sporting as flushing farm-raised quail or using a fish finder... with tiny depth charges.
0:50 Thanks, Obama!
My favorite part about this crap is that a hunter who can afford something like this, probably owns his own land and keeps it stocked with deer he feeds. Basically it's like if a cow farmer were sneaking up on his own cows and shooting them with from super far away for fun.
Now money CAN make up for your lack of talent, patience or practice!

this reminds me of a gag I saw somewhere with a golf putter with something similar attached, except these people are being serious.
For the would-be presidential assassin who wants to be able to kill EVERYONE in the motorcade.
Adham Nu'man
New kill-o-matic 3000: just turn it on in the morning before you go to work, then come back home in the afternoon to find piles of animal carcasses in your driveway.

KILL-O-MATIC 3000: It takes care of the hunt, so you don't have to!
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