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Desc:Can this please be the new standard? You can't even get mad if you get Reg Rolled.
Tags:rick roll, Reggie Watts, awesome singing
Submitted:Prickly Pete
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Comment count is 14
Jet Bin Fever
Voice is wonderful but the dance is MAGIC.
You gotta admire the commitment to the bit.
Reggie Watts: Just Showin' up!
more like 10 years late to the party but whatevah

dude this guy is a genius and you're jealous cause he can be chubby wear badass sweaters and get laid by the hottest women in the wold so shut the fuuuuuck up

Oh snap. I'm reeling. Let me try another one.

Reggie Watts in: Doin' what Tim and Eric do, poorly, with slightly more melanin

If this didn't make you laugh you are not a good person.

M-DEEM now we know ya just trollin'

yeah that was pretty over the top

A detailed, loving recreation - a true homage.
blue vein steel
"Ahhh, buu doo boo bluu bo do bo..."
Prickly Pete
Yes, that's the best part. Good phonetic spelling, btw.

it's that look at :20 that got me HOOK LINE AND SINK-AH!
That guy
too short
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