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Desc:Via Mediaite: http://goo.gl/UWYjb
Category:News & Politics, Religious
Tags:CNN, atheist, tornado, Wolf Blitzer, Oklahoma
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Comment count is 24
I don't even know where to start with this. CNN has outdone itself.
What about the dozens of people that did die? What are we supposed to say to God about them?
Adham Nu'man
They were probably all atheists.

You know what, Wolf? Fuck you, that's what.
Man, he's really grooming for his ship jumping to Fox. This is usually how it starts.
Wolf Blitzer: what happens when that kid in high school journalism class who has no discernable talent or skills but a hefty dose of "My mom says I'm cool!" attitude actually makes it big in journalism.
It's all in the name, he thinks his name makes whatever crap he says and does "important".

I was hoping this was not real. I'm done with CNN.
Counterpoint: Wolf Blitzer is the only reason I would chose to watch CNN to begin with.

I have been an atheist my entire life, and I feel that anyone being offended by this is stupid.
Adham Nu'man
I agree.

I don't believe in a deity or practice a religion but I also don't wear a fedora. There's no appropriate term for me.

And yeah, this isn't very offensive at all.

Yeah, it's an innocent flub, he doesn't press the matter or act like an asshole, and she's totally chill with it. I'm proud to take the antifedorist position on this matter.

Seriously. This isn't CNN trying to push an agenda, this is Blitzer trying to fill airtime with generic questions.

Jet Bin Fever
Wolf didn't come off as rude or anything. It makes sense that after a disaster like this one a lot of people find shelter in their beliefs and he was trying to make her feel better. Thankfully, she was really well adjusted and handled it well. Its just a nice video overall.

Adham Nu'man
Also, this is Oklahoma, chances she was a God Fearing Christian were like 99.9%

Spaceman Africa
What a dumb fucking question.
She was nice and polite, but I wish she had just said, "Nnnnnope" and stared at him.
Jet Bin Fever
You guys are being awfully sensitive. I don't think that is an unreasonable question to ask someone who has just survived a tornado. An unreasonable question would have been "WHY DO YOU THINK GOD, THE CREATOR AND MAKER OF ALL THINGS, HATES YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS?" or something.
im just disappointed that this got covered over the jodi arias sentencing, god what has happened to the news blah choke cough.
i wish the people in oklahoma and northern texas the best
Oh, totally. The Jodi Arias trial is a far better piece of journalistic sensationalism than a tornado. Still, I'm dissapointed that so many news outlets are carrying the Arias trial instead of that girl that did a porno but was on that teen moms show, or whatever. What an outrageous tramp that woman is!

Caminante Nocturno
I don't!


Caminante Nocturno
This is not a big deal.
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