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Desc:I'm sure this is going to go really far.
Category:Fashion, Stunts
Tags:fat, good luck, attractive, abercrombie
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Comment count is 11
That guy
He's not fat.
Only chubby white ladies should be considered desirable and worthy of the admiration of conventionally attractive and fit men.

Don't worry. She's not attractive.

Wow you sure showed this shitty clothing label what for. Give it up already, people, christ.....even if all of their models were fucking 500 SSBBWs it wouldn't change the fact they're a shitty company who employ third world slave labor to make their clothes.
Damn that music sucks.
Old People
Fat people are actually pretty gross. Just sayin.
Long ago kids would just throw on a "pimpercrombie and bitch" shirt and call it a day.

Kids these days are whoring out the homeless and doing whatever the above is to make their point.

I actually got into an argument with someone over the homeless one. I'd like Poe's thoughts on this;

If you do a charitable act for the absolute worst reason possible, is it still even charitable at that point?

I just have a hard time recognizing a charitable act done for the wrong reason as anything other than using the people you're "helping".

"Fitch the homeless" is the worst example I've seen, but things like the Brony groups that do charity just to prove how amazing and charitable and friendly and totally not creepy and weird they are also come to mind.

Giving free clothing to the homeless is not supposed to be something you have to debate the merits of. It's just a good thing to do. That said, I think in the case of the video featured here recently the method and motives pushed it far into shitty territory. Preservation of dignity is paramount. The way to achieve this is to anonomously donate and allow the recipient to anonomously accept.

The Brony thing is just garbage front to back.

Attraction (to donuts)
Rodents of Unusual Size
Her leg tattoos are making my eyes hurt.
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