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Desc:Witchy PUA discusses love spells, stalkers, and gay porn.
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:Love, gay, witch, magick
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Comment count is 7
candyheadrobot - 2013-05-30
O_O David Spade mullet park man was right. So does that mean all the cool people worship satan?
The Mothership - 2013-05-30
lasted less than a minute. intolerable.
wtf japan - 2013-05-30
Does misspelling your spells make them more potent or something?
misterbuns - 2013-05-30
True story:

I know this guy. I've seen him in bars in san diego. He made some snotty objectifying comment to my brother who is not gay (like that matters), and my brother almost pounded his face in but didn't because he felt sorry for him having to go through life being a snotty little shithead in a homophobic world.

the idea of a gay PUA is kinda weird though, I mean, in the gay world jerking off with someone is about as casual as shaking their hand.

if you want to know what it feels like to be a woman, go to a really seedy, crowded gay bar and see what it's like to be objectified 100% of the time.
EvilHomer - 2013-05-30
So I guess his love spell didn't work on your brother, huh? He does seem like the kind of guy who'd objectify other men; the casual way he drops references to gay porn into his conversation. I don't know if it works exactly the same with The Gays, but straight guys who like to measure IRL relationships against their favorite pornstars are usually Objectificationists.

You'd better be careful, though. Anger him, and he might cast a spell that makes your family's crops wither.

memedumpster - 2013-05-30
That is a cruel and unreasonable stereotype! There are lots of men I wouldn't shake hands with (especially after we just jerked off together).

chumbucket - 2013-05-30
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