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Desc:Not far enough...video of Baltimore train explosion, May 28, 2013
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:crash, train, Boom, Baltimore, comic timing
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Comment count is 20
These fuckin' guys.
are fuckin' everywhere

In Russia the answer would be: "not close enough!"
I ran out of tags!

So what will you do with that one, Gmork? Filter out any vids that have it?

Cellphones are held vertically, so until camera makers equip them with a portrait mode, deal with it. Besides, what do you think you were missing on either side? Naked dancing girls or something? It's an explosion clip, not a billion-dollar Michael Bay abortion you payed to see.

You know how shitty it looks on gmorks 74" wide-aspect television?

You'd be pissed too.

my monitor for my computer is 32 inches and my tv is 60 inches. dont be hatin'

Gmork, you must feed everything you see. You sure as hell love feeding trolls.

Caminante Nocturno
Impeccable timing.
Oscar Wildcat
"What could possibly go wrong?"

If you cannot completely block out the hazmat incident with the thumb of your outstretched hand, you are too close
Something exactly like this happened out where I live, only it was at night so I thought WW3 had started. After not going all Sarah Connor on the fence, I realized it was some kind of accident and ran out to see if I could help. On the way, I tripped and fell after calling 911, when it suddenly dawned on me that the fire was actually miles away. And that's why fuck train wrecks.
the loudest noise I ever heard in my entire life was a lightning strike right outside my open window, so I immediately ran outside...then thought "what the fuck am I going to do out here?"

Once I sat outside in my backyard during a thunderstorm thinking it would be awesome to watch. And it sort of was until lightning hit so close that all my hair stood up and the sky around me glowed a weird green color for about 10 seconds after the lightning hit and I couldn't hear for about 20 minutes.

But still, good times.

I woke up from a dream to hear the air expanding (or superheating or whatever) right above my house in the second before lightning struck about 15 feet from my bedroom window.

This being 1988 (about 15 miles from a Navy base), and me being a mostly-asleep adolescent, I walked downstairs (nodding in the direction of my parents' and brother's bedrooms and telling them quietly that I loved them) and stepped outside so that I could die immediately rather than after a week of radiation poisoning.

The rain woke me up.

In capitalist America, everything explodes.

Seriously America, stop exploding for one month.
Clearly. The timing of this video was too perfect.

Stars for the Balteemoore accents of "owwee noeew!" Oh and for putting the Boom tag next to Baltimore.
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