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Desc:Meet high810: a Christian, an amateur video editor, an udder fetishist. True insanity starts at 2:40
Category:Pets & Animals, Religious
Tags:Cow, Udder, slow motion replay for extra fapping, meat is murder
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Comment count is 17
The cuts of the woman with big ol' titties are really outlining the subtle messages here.


I got nothing.

I try and not over use my five stars so when something like this comes along you guys know i'm not fucking around.
Yeah, the shit on the udder is what turned me on too.

Oscar Wildcat
I can just make out Jesus's face in the vein pattern on that udder...

This is some beautiful classic poe red diamond quality submission .

this is one of the weirdest things ive ever seen here.
Takes the meaning of "Holy Cow" to a whole new level! Didn't God get mad a some people for worshiping a golden statute of a cow once?
Holy shitting dick nipples, Batman.
Adham Nu'man
Udder Insanity!
Mooved me to tears.

infinite zest
you guys are really milking this one

Honey, who's this creep with a boner filming our cow?
PETA footage is his Passion Of the Christ.
Jet Bin Fever
The word crawl. wow.
Kid Fenris
This is amazing.

I want to know more about this person. Are these videos extrapolated from the Christian allegory of lambs and shepherds? Is this commentary on the bovine complacency of modern culture or the mainstream fetishization of commoditized mammary glands?

The rest of high810's channel suggests similarly baffling belief systems. Look at this description from another video:

"Sucking is making an emptiness in ourselves, and we pull the milk out of the breast. Sucking also means: i cannot do it by myself, the Spirit of Jesus has to be in control. By sucking we also make spittle. Jesus made spittle and He healed a a blind man, Marc 8: 23. In doing that He showed that He was totally dependent on His Heavenly Father."

You fascinate me, high810.
Why I am I strangely reminded of that one Tom Green skit?

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