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Desc:Psychedelic masterpiece. Legend has it members of the Mothers of Invention played on it uncredited.
Tags:drugs, psych, the 60s, Edan, Harumi
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Worth tracking down an original, this doesn't even begin to do it justice.
This is pretty slick. I looked this up and came up with next to nothing, wonder if the rumors are true about the MOI.

I don't know. Herb Cohen kind of masterminded it so it's possible. All I know about it I got word of mouth from the owner of the record store I used to work at, who introduced me to it years ago.

I mean Tom Wilson, not Herb Cohen.

Ah, and tom wilson is the guy who produced the first mothers album right? I had heard that Freak Out was the first debut album to be a double album. Could this pre-date that?

Yeah, that's him.

Freak out was in 1966, two years before this. I think it might have been the first rock double album period, debut or not, but I don't remember for sure.

Father Avalanche
Own, and love this record.
One of the best I own.

You should check out "A Gift From Euphoria" by Euphoria. There are reissues floating around pretty cheap (I think mine was sealed), which is good since you'll probably never even meet someone who has seen a copy of the original.

You know what kills me? about a year before I heard this album I had a chance to buy his SECOND album for and passed on it.

Jet Bin Fever
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Glad we're not roommates or neighbors.
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