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Desc:Awkward little vlogger talks to the girls only about blood and boobs and stuff. She needs a hug.
Category:Nature & Places, Horror
Tags:breasts, periods, puberty, nervous, parry gripp
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Comment count is 14
Soo, I'm gonna talk to the people who have seen this video only, so if you haven't you don't have to watch this... or stay for this most inane pointless thing you've ever heard... this girl's video.

Alright, *Tshch*, so let's just go through this video.

Okay, soo, a lot of girls are probably going through puberty. No way! We're not confident in that though, *tut*, so we'll stick with "probably."

Okay, so, um, alright, so, *tsch* okay, I'm gonna talk about this video now.

Soo, here... uhm, okay, alright, are some signs that you're gonna... that you've... that this video... that you're gonna have seen this video.

Uhhhm, your ears will begin to hurt, and you'll need to like, put a bucket near them to stop the bleeding. Like, a deep bucket.

You're gonna need to do that. It'll be weird if you don't.
"Right now I'm going through PMS."

Am withholdin giving out my stars until I see where Caminante's going with this.

Drop the mic, nailed it.

ILike Llamas 1 week ago
WOAH! don't need to see your bra. and your acting like you have the biggest boobs ever!

radravenn 5 days ago
Okay you look like a 10 year old okay .... So some people like me think this Is a waste of time because your young OKAY! Your acting like your 17 WTF?

Lynette Sanchez 5 days ago
Do not need to see her bra

wiktoria biala 1 day ago
Ok u look like ur 10 and u dont wash ur hair 2 time a day couse u do it dont me we have to ur not even 11 and u behave like ur 16 but ur not

wiktoria biala 1 day ago
Ur not all great beouse u put on a bra and after the video took it of lol

Little girls are mean.
Sweet jesus, the comments. girls are so bitchy to each other what the fuck.
PMS obviously.

Maybe breast growth requires a limited amount of 'boob energy' that teenage girls fight over by putting each other down.

Ugh, think I overdosed on anime again

Natural competitiveness and the insatiable need to be the top
alpha female, brought on by subconscious, inherited Neanderthal/hunter-gatherer routines.

At least that's the theory I've come up with after hearing about what my niece and little cousin go through in middle school as well as my own memories of the girls trying to ruin each other's lives on a daily fucking basis. Boys fight with punches and kicks; girls fight by inflicting mental scars. This YouTube page is just a routine adolescent free-for-all.

Jet Bin Fever
Evolution needs to hurry the fuck up for us.

Syd Midnight
So girls pick on each other because they're like boob Highlanders?

its beter to burn out thn 2 fad away lol yolo

Jet Bin Fever
This is a terrible age for anyone. I don't care who they are.
I dunno. Season 3 of Malcolm in the Middle is the funniest to me so far.

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