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Desc:"C'est la vie," say the old folks, "It goes to show you never can tell"
Category:Humor, Nature & Places
Tags:fight, , prom, bulgaria
Submitted:Born in the RSR
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Comment count is 10
Lef - 2013-06-05
Form the title,I was hoping for porn fight.
Born in the RSR - 2013-06-05
My bad. Maybe 2:22 will lessen the disappointment slightly.

Hooker - 2013-06-05
Ahhh, underage Bulgarian boobies. Where would the world be without you?

Lef - 2013-06-06
it did make it all better, and the where's waldo aspect pushes it to 5 *****

mon666ster - 2013-06-05
What I've learned this week: If there is unrest anywhere in the world, there will be a lady in a red dress in the middle of it.
millerman13 - 2013-06-05
just like this?


duck&cover - 2013-06-05
I, too was somewhat disappointed by the misspelled title.
Jet Bin Fever - 2013-06-05
So Bulgarians are the Guidos of the Balkans?
badideasinaction - 2013-06-05
It seemed to just randomly re-start with new people every 20 seconds or so... was it ethnic/sectarian, gang or simply "well, this might be that last chance to punch that guy I hate in the face, so..." at work?
chumbucket - 2013-06-05
Likely another standard case of date poaching.
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