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Desc:Brett Gelman reading a short story on the Comedy Death Ray Radio podcast. (VERY NWS, even for here)
Tags:comedy bang bang, iBrain, comedy Death Ray, Brett Gelman
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I think the reactions makes this.
This is both one of my favorite and one of my least favorite moments from CDR. It's brilliant and really hard to listen to, which is the whole point, but it's SO HARD TO LISTEN TO! It also started one of my favorite running gags of having Brett Gelman banned from the show and then "tricking" his way back on every couple of months.
This is really all about the reactions, but it's also the reaction of the audience and how well or poorly they do. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a bit that many people could never get to the end of.
Why is it hard to listen to?

It's the constant and kind of pointless swearing and filth that makes it hard for me to listen to it. That sort of thing isn't really my sense of humor, so I don't usually find this sort of thing funny, but in this case I actually "get" the joke.

Innocent Bystander
Now THAT is funny!
That was awesome, I laughed a lot.
This was funny. He definitely hit the right level of banality throughout. The reactions seem really forced though, it almost lost a star for that.
Jet Bin Fever
Its a very serious story.
this is about what's going on.

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