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Desc:yes, it's drone-delivered pizza to your door (with suitably ridiculous music)
Category:Science & Technology, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:pizza, dominos, delivery, drone
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Comment count is 17
Doesn't the fact that it's Dominos make this an act of domestic terrorism?

-1 for viralness.
Anybody that eats at Dominos should be shot in the face.

I am not kidding. Fuck you people.

About 4 years ago I had a commute that started at the Roxbury Crossing subway stop in Boston, which has a Domino's in the actual stop. One morning they had a guy giving out free samples of Dominos steak and eggs breakfast sandwiches and, you know, free food and everything so I took one. I literally had to spit the first bite out onto the tracks, it was quite possibly the grossest food I've ever tasted, no exaggeration. And I had andouilette once.

https://unclestinky.wordpress.com/2008/01/14/andouillette-fren ch-pig-colon-sausage/

serious business

Caminante Nocturno
Of course, there's no mention of how many innocent children had the wrong pizzas delivered to them by this thing.
All joking aside, I bet the Domino's drone program is operated much more professionally than the US military's drone program.

So, Japan gets Hatsune Miku pizza boxes and we get drones WHAT THE FUCK?
Call Dominoes. Call friends who have black outfits and masks. You get pizza. They get free drone.


Finally children in Waziristan can get pizza.
and hot death

Spaceman Africa
also known as "diarrhea" here

Spaceman Africa
Oddly enough this is Dominos UK
"Cor! Them cameras on lamp post kin fly now!"

"Sorry, sir, your pizza was attacked by eagles, and then conservatives, on the way."
If you don't tip, it blows up your car.
Jet Bin Fever
Its all fun and games until a small child runs up to the Domicopter before its blades stop spinning and gets its face sliced open.
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