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Desc:The governor of our horrible state. The king on the top of the shit pile, ladies and gentlemen.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:Mississippi, governor, feminism, conservatives, phil bryant
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Comment count is 17
baleen - 2013-06-05
Keep digging, Republicans!
kingarthur - 2013-06-05
This from a man who just finished putting in place a systemic plan to force private charter schools on school districts and giving private schools the ability to opt out of state mandated testing. This on top of programs that removed low performing or at risk students out of regular high school courses and into certificate and GED programs. He basically just pushes through and signs whatever ALEC tells him to. Also, there's a corruption scandal going on with the state Department of Marine Resources that may well reach back to him.
Nominal - 2013-06-05
It's not communism when corporations form unions!

Old_Zircon - 2013-06-05
A lot of the people I know who've been in education for more than 30 years (which is actually quite a few, my father is a professor and i've just generally been around people in education a lot) are pretty adamant that American education fell apart when women's employment opportunities opened up in the 60s and 70s, since before then teaching at the primary level was one of the best jobs a woman could hope for and as a result teachers tended to be if anything really overqualified, whereas now you'd probably get more pay and respect waiting tables at a classy restaurant than teaching at most public schools.

It's a pretty compelling, depressing catch 22 of a theory.
takewithfood - 2013-06-05
See, I read that and what I take away is that teachers aren't paid enough.

candyheadrobot - 2013-06-05
Yeah, but isn't that more of a cultural affectation? None of those movements back then truly succeeded, if they had we wouldn't be dealing with the problems we're dealing with today. When the hippies got burnt out, and the revolutionaries were killed or jailed, they left a whole lot of work undone. Women could finally pursue careers, but the realization of female independence wasn't taken into account, as far as the social experience of being a single independent woman. What this old idiot's problem is, along with a great many other people, is that the nuclear family is obsolete. It's not an idea that we can carry into the future, like the capitalism discussion, we don't have a choice but to rethink how we're going to take care of each other, because as it stands, we need women to be actively working as full members of society, not just the full time caregivers like this jerk fantasizes about.

Sorry if that sounds spitey, I mean no offense, but I can't blame women for how they've been socialized thus far, and they certainly can't be blamed for how we've failed as a society to modernize our culture.

candyheadrobot - 2013-06-05
>.< ugh nvm, way hasty typing, ignore my comment.

memedumpster - 2013-06-05
See, I read that and what I take away is that truth is fortunately consistent, so male teachers who are complete stuck up assholes can also teach it while bitching about women.

kingarthur - 2013-06-06
YeahBUT: In Mississippi, as in every other part of the country, two jobs are required for most families to live at anything even approaching middle class.

In Mississippi, where your average entry-level job ranges from minimum wage to around an hour and the good jobs all leave the state because the talent does because there's no reason to be here unless you're exploiting cheap labor, you definitely need two incomes just to be slightly not poor.

EvilHomer - 2013-06-05
He's right, though. Especially when the kids are homeschooled, and the mom's job is to teach is.
Sudan no1 - 2013-06-05
Prove it: Were you homeschooled?

chumbucket - 2013-06-05
"Tell the truth". Good lord what a dunce. Why do so many governors suck this year?
Jet Bin Fever - 2013-06-06
Oh Mississippi.
jangbones - 2013-06-06
I can't decide which state is worse, Mississippi or Alabama

However, they are definitely number one and two

cognitivedissonance - 2013-06-06
milk, milk, lemonade

mon666ster - 2013-06-06
Seems to me he could solve the whole problem by passing a minimum wage law that would require employers to pay everyone enough that a family could get by comfortably on a single paycheck. You know, like back in the old days when his mechanic father would sit around in the evening and read. But he's not gonna do that now, is he?
TheSupafly - 2013-06-06
Consistently the worst state.
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