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Desc:Science class with everyone's favorite religious broadcaster. Hint: The answer is not science.
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:science, Jesus, American Family Association, bryan fischer, nucleus
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Comment count is 11
"Now we know"?

What, did they find bits of jesus while cleaning out the LHC?
Sanest Man Alive
At least that was a simple cleanup. Scrubbing Brahma out of a particle accelerator can take upwards of a damned week, just for for how hard it is to tell errant mesons and free radicals from the all-seeing creation-force that sustains the universe.

The God of Biscuits
Scientists have pondered this? I guess Bryan Fischer has never heard of the nuclear force.
Crunchy Frog
Jesus is gluons. His strength has been shown to be about 100 times that of the electromagnetic force. Like your typical particle, Jesus possesses spin, which has been detected at the Positron-Electron Tandem Ring Accelerator. The density of Jesus in clusters of protons and of photons have both been measured. Quantum physicists believe that they have produced new state of matter, tentatively known as the quark-Jesus plasma, at the Large Hadron Collider.

Naturally, since the researchers are scientists, rather preachers or social commentators, they seek further experimental verification before declaring that they have the definitive answer.
So that means nuclear weapons are really the work of Jesus.
Jet Bin Fever
The buildup to the punchline was COMPLETELY WORTH IT.
"I read the words God Particle in the USA Today while I was getting my last colonoscopy and by God if I didn't figure I was on to somethin' I knew all along."
Is it nougat? It's nougat, isn't it. IT IS!!!
How did things hold together before Jesus?
"If that's how you want to invoke your evidence for god, then god is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance."

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