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Desc:Don't feel bad sargentpepperoni, they're laughing WITH you.
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:awkward, clueless, PUA, (point to schlong), annoyer
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Comment count is 15
I'd say he's a sociopath except sociopaths are usually charing and charismatic.

He's actually studying to try to become a sociopath and failing at it.

He's a socioposeur.

So.... do you like... sex?
SHIT! I swear I posted this before it was over. MAN! My one good joke (you should hear the rest), and I use it on this when there are like 10 of them. I'll have to go favorite all the rest.

I'm a man of my word.

Also, those stars should have gone to "socioposeur" now that I think about it.

"What are you doing tonight? Who are you with?"

They gave him an opening right there and he was too awkward to follow up on it, and instead made it totally ridiculous.
They actually WERE sort of laughing with him up until that point.

He could have said something like,

"You guy, I think," and sat at their table, behaved himself for a few hours while buying them drinks, and scored a threesome maybe.

Knowing him he would have said it BEFORE they asked who he was with, though.

The Mothership
Poor Russel. What's his story?
I think this is just what being a dedicated PUA makes you act like.

Adham Nu'man
Jesus he was doing so well...
Jet Bin Fever
ARG. This is heartbreaking. For the first few minutes I thought... yes, finally he's acting like a normal human being. Sure, star sign, its a little corny, but some girls would find that kind of cute. But man, he crashed so hard...
"Do you want to go on a date first and then have sex?"
HAHA! Oh boy.
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