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Desc:Minecraft continues to innovate with stunning emergent gameplay.
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:cats, bugs, fountain, minecraft, jinglecats
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Patient Property
"The worst part about this is that I have to hover in the sweet spot for some time while cats push me to let the flow stabilize"

for that sentence alone, shorn of context, five stars
Xenagama Warrior Princess
This is where all of the strays of the Humane Society end up.
The Leaning Tower of PETA.

I still occasionally play Minecraft, and when cats were introduced I just thought "meh, whatever."

Recently I found out they keep creepers away. If I ever start playing again, I'm building walls of cats around everything.
Enable cheats (you can use a save editor if you need to update a world created before cheats were implemented), and set MobGriefing to False. That'll fix your Creeper problem. It gave Minecraft a new lease on life for me.

Fuck any game that calls monsters mobs. Naming convention suckitude.

But five for cat fountain, in any context.

The code refers to any AI entity as a mob, including monsters, villagers, and yes, even cats. So what you're seeing here is technically a mob of cat mobs.

I agree that it's irritating, but at least no one refers to their character as a "toon".

"Mob" is a term that the video game industry uses interchangeably with "mobile" and "monster" as a catch-all for computer controlled NPCs, usually ones the player can interact with and/or kill. It's not some attempt to annoy you on a personal level.

I doubt Gmork will let sensible usage that dates back decades get in the way of him being a snob for no reason.

"It was hard, but the reward was certainly worth it"
Jet Bin Fever
That was going to be my comment too.

infinite zest
I made something similar but it's more like a pinwheel.. Minecraft has created a monster out of me.
My cat is mystified by this video.
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