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Desc:He really, really, *really*, intensely, utterly, absolutely loathes the comic list format.
Tags:david mitchell, seething hatred, Youtube Comedy Week, David Mitchells Soapbox
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Caminante Nocturno
His unspoken contempt for these videos is so wonderful.
This whole thing was filmed with contempt.

Which means Google hired some ad people to promote YouTube, who hired some smart people, who figured this whole thing was shit so let's take their money and not tarnish our reputation by taking it seriously or even trying.

Innocent Bystander
What the fuck was up with those additional comments from famous youtubers (I can only assume) thingers!? Did David Mitchell know those would be sneakily edited in?

POETV's fantasy communal boyfriend.
The God of Biscuits
He's like the anti-Ray William Johnson
Jet Bin Fever
I hope he got a big sack full of money to go with his big sack full of contempt.
Hey, look at me, I hate things that are popular, and that makes me cool, even though I don't care about being cool, which makes me even cooler!
1. You really don't know who David Mitchell is, do you?

2. Brave opinion, yet not brave enough to back it with stars. Or you didn't care enough to remember. Either way, bold statement.

He's the POETV user we all wish we were...
Robin Kestrel
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