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Desc:Looks good, too. You never Neverwinter 2 to play it though.
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:Baldurs gate, better RPGs, Neverwinter
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Comment count is 3
Aelric - 2013-06-10
Shame NWN2 doesn't work on my hardware because it's broken crap. Granted, that might be my hardware that is broken crap, since every fix I find for my weirdo camera/movement stutter problem online doesn't work.
cognitivedissonance - 2013-06-10
NWN2 is unplayable to me. I have actually *tried* on several occassions. I'm used to things like regenerating mana, bottomless projectiles and instant spellcasting.

garcet71283 - 2013-06-10
It's perfectly playable....now.

Like all Obsidian RPGs, it was rushed out the door for a holiday season or to beat out the competition and arrived horribly unfinished and it was left to a very small team to patch the game into playability.

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