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Desc:Corporate trolling.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:sony, troll, PS4, xbox one, used games
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Comment count is 57
They had it coming.

I don't want to go full-on microsoft hate, but this was inevitable simply because people were getting sick of developers imposing ridiculous DRM controls on their software.

As I recall Sony was toying with the notion once upon a time to "digitally sign" discs that were put into the first machine they were inserted to and would ONLY play on that machine.

Microsoft made a goof move and ended up demonstrating how utterly bad for business punishing legitimate consumers actually is.

Sony is simply maximizing their leverage amid this series of blunders.
Sony's E3 was just burn after burn for a portion of it, the final punchline being the 0 less pricetag. The gamestop near me already isn't taking reservations on them anymore (It's 2 hours after the conference ended as I type this), I got lucky enough to be on that list.

that wasn't "once upon a time" that a was a couple of months ago.

Cue final fantasy victory theme.

Beat me to it, I was about to put this in the hopper.

E3 this year was great, I haven't seen a company take so many shots at another in years.
Spaceman Africa
It's a shame that after all these clever bits Sony rolls out total mediocrity for video games
My toes curled when they talked up this game as being 'highly imaginative' then showed some steampunk bullshit.

I dunno. I think PS3 had by far the better exclusives this generation.

Too bad the system itself was such a clusterfuck I swore I'd never buy one.

The PS3 had some really good games for it, the Uncharted series was one of my favorites, Ratchet and Clank got a lot of love, Infamous wasn't bad, a few good third party remakes, and I personally never got tired of buying HD bundles of all my favorite PS2 games for -30 a set, though you can hardly count those as exclusives.

The Last of Us, if reviews are to be believed, is going to be one hell of a swan song. I'm trying not to buy into the hype too early, but I am optimistic.

Other people really loved the Little Big Planet games, I can't fucking stand them. Growing up on Super Mario World, Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, etc, has left me with a very specific taste in platformers that LBP just can't fulfill.

While I loved most of it, I know quite a few people who haven't even played a single game from the PS3's lineup. They got a 360, and frankly, who can blame them for that, and never looked the other way.

Little Big Planet is charming to watch what people came up with, boring to actually play.

Watching what levels people came up for it has the same kind of charm that for some reason reminds me of watching the Build engine levels in the mid 90s.

I'll give you that one. LBP was far more interesting as a means to marvel at the fact that someone could (and did!) build an analog calculator than it was as a game to play.

That's deceptive, PS4 still has you registering or authenticating the used game online.

Still, Microsoft managed to make every mistake sony did with PS3 and then some.
The PS3 was ab absolute disaster, far too late after the competition already had a very well established market share, a price tag that was WAY too high, especially when going up against an established console and library, and an online structure that was so awful it didn't matter the other guy charged for theirs.

They really managed to turn that around this time, and it certainly helps Sony that, as you said, MS literally made every mistake Sony did last gen. The only blunder they aren't making is releasing their console well after Sony's, but every other terrible decision they've made more than makes up for it.

Sexy Duck Cop
The blazer/t-shirt/denim combos. The fucking blazer/t-shirt/denim combos.

It did matter though. Everyone I know who got a PS3 over a 360 said it was because of online being free. Jesus christ, Microsoft, I can't even watch Netflix without paying you too? How bad is it when fucking Nintendo beats you at the online game?

I read a funny bit someone wrote about Microsoft. They theorized that the whole company must be designed like a feudal kingdom where each fiefdom division has to be individually profitable. The Xbox Live department has to be profitable so their charge a subscription. The ad department has to be profitable so they sell ads on Live. The QA department has to be profitable so they charge companies for patches.

It really is a testament to how fucked up Microsoft's business model is that Sony managed to catch up (and looking to pass them) after one of the biggest console launch disasters ever.

Adham Nu'man

I sold my Xbox to purchase a PS3 because I was fed up with Microsoft's bullshit.

Considering I'm only a casual gamer, and that my console was used mostly for streaming Netflix, I thought it was bullshit that I had to pay Microsoft for the "privilege" of being able to pay Netflix, when there was another platform on the market that offered the same thing for free.

I also liked how I could plug any usb headset into the ps3.

I think the specific little detail that made me change was when I moved to a different place and no longer had an internet cable connection in a convenient spot and I realize I would have to go out and purchase a wifi adapter cause the stupid console wasn't wifi ready.

There was also a considerable length of time when PS3 was out and bluray players were still somewhat expensive.

tonight was a night to remember, most hype at E3 since 2007

sadly that hype was because of xbone getting destroyed, rather than good games all around

but whatever, hype is hype. this video was linked to me by like 8 people simultaneously when sony uploaded it. that's some grade A hype
xbone! LOLz!

Sexy Duck Cop
That is quite the saucy portmanteau.

Whoah, 8 people??

As my inadvertent boycott of all consoles approaches its 32nd straight year, this is actually all I care about. A good advertising campaign is a joy to behold!

This and Sony's E3 presentation is how you follow up when your competitor has performed the worst console announcement ever. I mentioned somewhere else on POETV how MS tossed Sony an underhanded pitch...and Sony hit it to the moon *just* by lowering their price point by 100 bucks, not changing a thing about their current DRM and promising to not force users to have a creepy 24/7 surveillance camera in their living rooms.
Made more ironic because Microsoft could have matched or slightly beaten sonys price point if they didn't force bundle the camera with every system. Sony is selling theirs separately.

Chocolate Jesus
Don't be so relieved that you get to buy your stupid thing just yet

Remember when your 360s were (sort of) backwards compatible and didn't make you dive into a pool of advertising feces before you played a thing? When horse armor and post-sale services were a joke?

The beauty of digital distribution and proprietary firmware is that you can change the rules of the game whenever you want.

Sony is going to pull the rug out from under you the moment they get you on board.
Sexy Duck Cop
Say, I'm starting to think you aren't the real Jesus after all.

Conversely, MS could make their platform more open if they're forced to.

Though buying either system on day one isn't for me. I'm good with PC and Steam, and I want to see what Steam's box is going to offer.

Perhaps, jesus, but Microsoft has no rug. When they announced the "Features" of the XB1, it was the equivalent of the user peeking into the front door and seeing a giant pit of those frog things that petrify you from Dark Souls.

Trolling is a art.
The benefit of not being able to afford either console for a while, at least until a price drop, is that I get to sit on the sidelines and watch things play out in the market and see if Microsoft relents on used games under pressure from Sony.
Every time I see a 75-90% off Steam sale I ask myself why bother keeping up with consoles anymore.

Personally, I'm a game collector who likes getting a box and a manual, so Steam isn't even an option I consider. Also, I don't have a gamer computer, just an aging laptop that won't play games made after about 2005 and that's not going to change anytime soon.

So Xbox is getting an exclusive Killer Instinct reboot.

You know that Next Gen Buyer's Guide Yahtzee made? Remember how he ended it, saying that the only way they were going to get people to buy their shitty-ass systems would be to hold your favorite series hostage?

Some god is punishing me.
Chocolate Jesus
Your favorite series is Killer Instinct?

Well, technically speaking, no. The Official Ranked List of EvilHomer's Favorite Video Game Series is constantly being revised, and as of last publication, KI was at Number Nine (Two on the Fighting Game Charts). But it is the series I've wanted to see a reboot for the most.

My main worry is that, now they're planning a fancy-ass reboot, the KI fan community might get deluged by poseurs and Johnny Come Latelys. Oh, oh, you wanna see my B Orchid fanart, huh? Well kid, WHERE WERE YOU FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS?!

Although on the plus side, maybe now Hollywood will stop rejecting my script for KI: The Movie, starring Ariana Grande as Kim Wu?

KI looks like it will be fucking terrible:

http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2013/jun/11/killer-instinct-conf irmed-digital-only-launch-title-xbox-one-free-play-starting-charac ter-jago/

Oh for fucks sake.

I still have to get it, though. :(

No, you don't. Grow up.

You're right. Awwww, this is the worst thing that's happened since UMK3 Remastered got released exclusively on the iPhone.

Fuck video games, I'm going outside.

Caminante Nocturno
Killer Instinct?!

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

What, were King of Fighters and Street Fighter too high-quality for you? Where you just turned off by the fact that Vampire Savior and Samurai Showdown actually worked?

Sorry, everyone! Games with functioning mechanics are just not my style! I'd prefer a fighting game where the characters move like Ray Harryhausen showed up to work drunk, and Primal Rage is just too well-made for that!

Oh, man! You should really be holding out for that WAR GODS reboot!


Actually, smartpony, I AM holding out for a War Gods reboot, but I'll only buy it if Kerri Hoskins reprises her role as Vallah, Goddess of Ice.

I really don't know what you're cackling at; you've already admitted to being a Primal Rage fan.

::puts on sunglasses::

Vidya games.
This is XBox country, so I've never even played a PS3, and I'm already more interested in the PS4 than the XBone.
As Spaceman Africa said, everyone is focusing on this so much that, welp, they seem to haven't notice that there are pretty much NO games announced for this thing that really make any difference so far. This generation is really where console gaming has hit rock bottom. Also, everyone else can attack the Wii U, but it was the only one that actually has announced something related to, you know, games. The reason we buy consoles.

Still, stars for the trolling.
Among the current gen consoles, I only have an Xbox 360. For it, I own 22 games. The only ones that didn't launch for both consoles simultaneously are Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Assassin's Creed, and BioShock, and I hated all of them. The only console-exclusive is the original Stants Row, which I bought because Saints Row 2 was so fantastic, and I hated it.

So, all this talk about the games driving the consoles is lost on me; the current generation has been the generation of the Xbox and Playstation being completely interchangeable aside from wanting to line up your purchases with your friends so you can play online. Now that Microsoft has made its case for fuck you, I am looking forward to no longer having to pay for that online service.

It sounds like you need to make the jump from FPS to FPS RPG. I'd suggest Skyrim or Fallout New Vegas over the ME series any day of the week. And I'd get them for PC because you can mod the shit out of them, to the point where they make Saint's Row 2/3 look sane by comparison.

Gaming has reduced to one-or-two-games-and-the-EA-NHL-game every year for me. Last year was XCOM (and, while great, it didn't have any replay value). The year before was Saints Row 3 and Skyrim (PC), which I modded with the Randy Savage dragons mod as soon as poeTV alerted me to it.

As disappointing as Skyrim was, PC Skyrim is still much better than anything you'll find on a console.

Caminante Nocturno
Bethesda making their games so moddable is one of the best decisions anyone in the video game industry has made in years. If it weren't for the mods that let me play as kawaii anime girls, I wouldn't even bother with the Fallout or Elder Scroll games.

Sony and Microsoft are both utterly vile, so yeah.
Good. Sony may be unscrupulous but it's about time somebody kicked Microsoft in the nuts over their horseshit nickel-and-diming business model. The PS3 was expensive as fuck back in 2009 but if I'd bought one over the 360 then in the long run I'd have saved about $ 240 by not being charged a $ 60 annual fee to watch video streaming services I already pay for. That and patches are pretty much all I use Live for. Charging customers for what other people get for free—I mean what kind of shit is that?

I love everything about this video, especially the smug looks on their faces in the last few seconds.
Too bad it's still a PS4 with a shitty PS2 controller. Neither console is worth buying.
Caminante Nocturno
Recession-proof, huh?
Much like anything else, it's recession-proof for the suits. The people who actually work on the games, not so much.

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