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Desc:Russians dance like hot gum peeled off of pavement for the amusement of the grupperovka.
Category:Horror, Business
Tags:dance, Russians, sleaze, trash ballroom
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Comment count is 8
I love the description.
The Mothership
The only dance competition should be who gets laid at the end of the evening at the club.

Also, is there something about Russians that requires fake tan, or is that just professional dancers?
And coating one's hair with about a pound of axle grease...

Billy the Poet
That's a nice attempt to get me to watch 10 minutes of ballroom dancing, but I'm not biting.
The only ballroom dancer I'll watch is FANDANGO!

It's horrible, horrible, awful stuff.

When I was 15 my band had a song called "I hate ballroom dancing."

I'll make an exception for the horizontal mambo.

Gonna start cinching my pants up under my chest. Gonna walk around public all, "sup ladies *assy pose*" Chicks gonna be all like, "you can call me McDonald's 'cause I'm lovin it."
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