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Desc:Did she say what I thought she said?
Category:Nature & Places, Crime
Tags:paranoid schizophrenia, Gangstalking, 84, nobody in their right mind would
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Comment count is 14
"Did she say what I thought she said?"

Well, keep in mind that this is coming from the same woman who think people coughing around her are giving her a message that they think she has a smelly vagina.
It's the PoETV Rourchac test!

Looks like she said a butterfly

Well, does she? Does she have a smelly vagina?

From http://starts01262012.podbean.com/2012/01/26/10th-012612-intake/
(Regarding people coughing nearby.)

"Not one person whom Ive ever confronted about the harassment has ever said What Im doing is trying to imply that your vagina is a smelly mess with excess liquid spilling out that could destroy the world. "

Huh, how the hell did that end up bold? I didn't add any html.

POETV automatically bolds all vagina talk.

Innocent Bystander
"The only reason this happened to me is because I'm..."

a) poor
b) a whore
I head 'bored.'

Poured. The only reason it happens to her is because she was poured into those jeans.

His The Count from Sesame Street her archenemy?

"Ha, ha, ha. 84 vegetables."


It makes me wish she'd to a reaction vid to one of Ulillillia's videos about how high one can leve/jump.

This woman is batshit crazy. It's incredible.
Nobody in their right mind
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