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Desc:He needs money.
Category:Arts, Business
Tags:Tonetta, donate, bills, drug money
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Comment count is 13
He'll be 65 soon and will be able to get his senior citizen discount and government healthcare. I bet his balls touch the ground by now.
Can we have a Jerry Lewis Telethon fund thermometer on the main page, Support?
If I had the power so many believe I have this would already have happened.

if you are employed, please help this awesome person

he has an excellent speaking voice, a few untrained regionalisms but a lot of command and character
Some of us are employed?

I was hoping.

If anyone needs a sign twirled in front of their check cashing or bail bonds establishment, I am available and possibly qualified.

If I ever get a budget for my Batman fan fic, I promise Tonetta will be Commissioner Gordon, and you can be the Riddler, jangbones, because I assume that means you can twirl a cane and know a bunch of perfect locations for robbery scenes.

this is the most promising job lead I have had in months

Spaceman Africa
I think now it is time to buy my own copy of 777
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Poor guy, looks like he was going to cry. I'd love to help but I got to take care of a dog with cancer. Hang in there mister tonetta.
Link to the indiegogo campaign, if you're feeling charitable: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tonetta-wants-you
The drawings are sold out. Bummer.

Jet Bin Fever
Going to donate right away. And my god, I hope I look as good as him at 65!
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