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Desc:I don't like this show, but Tony is so fucking great it works.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:masturbation, nudity, tosh.0, Tonetta
Submitted:Jet Bin Fever
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Comment count is 19
I am going to 1 star every video I see that was recorded off of a television.
That'll show 'em!

To clarify, Callamon means an image taken off the tv, as opposed to an image... taken off... the...

... wait...

Jet Bin Fever
Its a way of avoiding copyright protection. Essentially, if you record off of a TV it voids the copyright, making it your own video. That's why they do it, and now you know. It means that this video won't be taken down immediately by Viacom.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I dont think so JBF.
But as the image/sound has been altered so much in the process its harder for viacoms robots to identify it as infringing material.
Thats why some stuff is mirrored b4 its put on YT. (Though I'm guessing they will search for mirrored stuff too if they dont already)

I despise Tosh and the people that watch this show. This is my immediate reaction.

But this was great.

Adham Nu'man
Yeah this is a 5.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I've never seen tonetta b4.
That was freakin' hilarious!
srs cat????

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
ya... Ive seen the name here but always looked like something im not into. I usually come here for the interesting sciency/engineering/documentary/cartoons type videos (I know thats not the point of the site)

The bit with the baby at the end was comic genius! Its so wroong, but so silly and casual at the same time

Adham Nu'man
I miss the days when we had more sciency/documentary/nature type videos around here. I don't know exactly if the people who posted them had front page privileges and now they're gone or what happened exactly but there seem to be less of them these days.

This interview is amazing.
La Loco
That might be the best tosh.0 i've ever seen. I hope Toneta got a good check for that, he deserves it.
Adham Nu'man
Yeah I've always hated Tosh and this clip singlehandedly redeemed him.

Tosh can be annoying as shit, but he has some comedy gold in that show sometimes.
I deducted four stars for Tosh, and still give the video 5 stars for Tonetta content
I hope Tosh dies but I love Tonetta and he was great in this.
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