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Desc:He's growing on me
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:british, MSNBC, Russel Brand, Mika Brzenzinski, why Edward R Murrow hates us
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Comment count is 14
Maybe I'm superficial too, but I have trouble looking past the fact that he dresses like the lead in a 1993 soft porn adaptation of Oliver Twist.
You would too if you could pull it off and get metric tons of pussy by doing so. Hell, I would.

Bill Nye/Russell Brand 2016!
Innocent Bystander
He's a surprisingly classy and well-spoken guy.
I ran into him on the fox lot in LA this year.

I had never met him, and I had just seen his interview with the WBC.

I cold approached him and told him how much I appreciated his approach to things like that.

He was totally cool, completely self effacing: instead of accepting my compliment he credited the writer he was with for the show, thanked me and gave me a fist bump.

Jet Bin Fever
Whoa, that's a cool story. Nice to know that being married to Katy Perry doesn't kill everything good inside of you.

Adham Nu'man
His marriage to Katy Perry was all an elaborate troll so that he could divorce her via text message.

The abject horror when Russell Brand starts listing upcoming topics of discussion.
That guy
Cut to Simpson's TV News Card:

Technical Difficulties

Please Stand By

"What's the trouble, love?"
Love this especially how this wraps up.
Adham Nu'man
I had only seen this guys in mediocre films and thought, meh.

This motherfucker is brilliant!
Adham Nu'man
Also, this video is brilliant but please fatatty, you've been here a while, you should know the jargon and the techniques by now.

He is not "mocking" her, it's called a NEG, and it's all part of his seduction masterplan.
Jet Bin Fever
"shaft grasper"
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