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Desc:The Otter at Dudley Zoo enjoys his pebble juggling while waiting for his feeding time.
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:, juggling, otter
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Comment count is 14
Sudan no1
"Cute otter" is redundant but that's some sick stone juggling.
Worst case of earmites I've ever seen.
Eh, I'll be really impressed when somebody records an otter dealing three-card monte out of it's zoo habitat. "C'mon, find the lady, find the lady!"
I'd throw a dollar in his tiny hat.
I love how at :45 for a sec he's all..."MY STONES!!!"....then goes right back to juggling
I know I'd probably get my face bitten off but I'd love to give an otter a raspberry.
Adham Nu'man
Mustelids are the best.
your vids are awesome. Sorry again!!!!!!
Thank you for saying Sorry! Much appreciated! :)

I can juggle better than that.
I can't.

That guy
It nearly got through that without trying to bite one of the stones.
Thank you for all your comments! :)
Spaceman Africa
I wonder why these people choose poeTV of all places.
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