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Desc:A bland, low-budget UFO 'documentary' takes an unexpected turn around the 50-minute mark.
Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:Aliens, ufos, new age, wait for it, angry morphing alien
Submitted:Kid Fenris
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Comment count is 8
I've been burned by the 'wait for it' tag too many times, even on videos that are only a couple of minutes long...
Old People
If your computer has a Youtube, you can use the little bar at the bottom of the video to just slide on down to the exact moment, to the second, that you want to watch, say, 50:47, where you'll find a pleasant Derek Jacobi/John Malkovich hybrid. Use that little slider bar! Just play with it, slide it around a bit, get a feel for the whole thing. You're in control now. It's a smooth ride to the sunny side!

I already got the twist from KF's post a little farther down.

I won't do some patronizing bit where I tell you about reading down the page in the comments a little bit in order to learn things, because as you've deftly demonstrated that kind of bit is not only completely unfunny, but also makes one look like an angry little dick hole.

Also, as I was sorta implying, skipping to around the 50 minute mark would still leave me with about 20 minutes or so of potentially devastatingly uninteresting video.

But since I know what the video is about now, don't worry about it! Problem solved. We're all winners here. I mean, except you, obviously.

Sexy Duck Cop
Yeah, I'm not gonna wait for it for an hour. Just tell us the twist.
Kid Fenris
You can't just skip ahead? You won't miss much if you go right to 55 minutes or so. Up until then it's a bog-standard discussion of the same UFO stuff we saw on Unsolved Mysteries when we were kids.

Well, here's the twist: aliens are really demons, new age beliefs are evil, and it's all part of a coming angel invasion.

The whole "UFOs as demonic visitors" "theory" has been kicking around, with variations for awhile. Some have put forth the idea that UFOs and their occupants are angelic in nature, others have said they must be demonic since nothing has been mentioned of life on other planets in the Bible.
There've been books on the subject, like a collection of articles edited by longtime UFO researcher Timothy Buckley Green under the title "Round Trip to Hell in a Flying Saucer" and from Nick Redfern, a rather prolific author of books about conspiracies and the paranormal, "Final Events" about a supposed secret group/think tank buried within the US government that believed that UFOs and such were demons and fallen angels, out to reap souls and pave the way for the Final Conflict.

The twist is they are all fucking loonies.

Goddamn big 5 for evil. What a waste of fucking time. No video has made me want to kick ass like this in a while.
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