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Desc:From the maker of "3d Fireplace DVD."
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:90s, skulls, FPS, horrible video game infinity, Geliosoft
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Comment count is 6
Old_Zircon - 2013-06-26
Sorry for the commentary, it was the only gameplay video of this travesty I saw.
Sexy Duck Cop - 2013-06-26
The Last of Us was a great game, no question, but a lot of its emotional beats never gelled into a more cohesive whole. There were a lot of wonderful individual scenes that hinted at something greater than the on-screen action, but while such restraint should be praised in a medium known for its childish excess, the story was ultimately hamstrung by its "gaminess." Too often, it felt like the narrative was artificially fragmented so we could have another shootout with anonymous thugs.

Still, calling it "the worst game ever" seems pretty harsh.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2013-06-26
Why is this about the last of us now??

The PS3 is the only console I ever had. It was an experiment to see what all this console malarky is about. I will not be getting another. None of the many games I got for it moved me at all. Compared to in the same era on PC there were several games that really did.

Frozen synapse
Kerbal space program
Legend of Grimrock
also I just played 'gunpoint' which was great

Anyway naughty dog also made the uncharted games, which I played as they were pretty much universally acclaimed. I think they were mechanically really sound and well put together. But apart from that just so bland and boring, and clinging a lot to film sensibilities rather than game ones. The original tomb raider is a much more fun game imo. It featured actual exploring and climbing challenges as well as proper puzzles.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2013-06-26
forgot to mention botanicula!

Adham Nu'man - 2013-06-27
Death of a Salesman is pretty good but it'd be better if he didn't kill himself at the end.

Oh, sorry guys: SPOILER ALERT!

Udderdude - 2013-06-26
"3d Fireplace DVD" is probably more entertaining.

Also, the axe uses ammo for some reason. Maybe it's supposed to be simulating wear and tear before it's broken, but I think that's a stretch seeing as it uses ammo even when you miss.
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