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Desc:A good Christian girl's values are tested
Category:Trailers, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:nashville, Xtians, contemporary bullshit, todays crap
Submitted:Father Avalanche
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Comment count is 14
Sexy Duck Cop
Did that song feature the lyrics "Never let go/ through the cum and through the storm?"
Sexy Duck Cop
Did that major motion picture feature the dialogue "Everyone thinks your dad is cool just 'cause he got saved"?

wait wait, is that kevin pollack?

Semen stains the mountain tops/ Semen stains the mountain tops

She seems to have an awfully high opinion of herself throughout this.
Of course, how else will she help to inspire the next generation of aspiring young singer/model/actresses to be spat out of the bottom of the porn industry?

Thank Christ she goes outside of her tiny little bubble of a life only to find out making it big in Secular Land is hard when you've been sheltered all your life but are able to find solace in a person who brought his old bubble life with him.

It's beautiful like the poetry of a perfect circle.
I watched this video, but did not catch the plot.
Christian Exploitation Films Presents:

How That Ungrateful Bitch Miley Cyrus Should Have Turned Out - The Movie

For you.

wtf japan
From the same distribution company that brought you Saw.
Oscar Wildcat
Entertainment industry jews are THE DEVIL!
Jet Bin Fever
It must be really depressing being a good Christian rock musician, knowing that there is an entire industry around you based on absolute mediocrity. Think if you were Ronnie Martin from Joy Electric and some fat redneck yells at you every time you play to play something more spiritual.
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