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Desc:In case you didn't watch all 11 hours of the original.
Category:News & Politics, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Texas, Abortion, taiwan, NMAtv, Wendy Davis
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Comment count is 13
And Rick Perry has already said that she should have learned a lesson from being a teenage mom.

Can a law be passed requiring the Texas governor to relocate the "P" in his last name to just in front of his first?
With a special amendment that his first name change place with his surname and only be mentioned in a thick Cockney accent.

I don't know why, but I somehow liked these better in Chinese with subtitles.
Was going to deduct a star for using a barbaric language, but the cheering people with coat hangers can't be less than five stars.
Billy the Poet
Oh man, only the excellence of the animation and the fact that Wendy Davis has the biggest balls in Tejas keep me from slamming this for gwailo talk.
Temporary fix at best, insolence from the plebs which won't be forgotten most likely.
The Texas bill will pass, but I really think this is a watershed moment for progressive activism.

We've seen watershed moments. We've seen how they turn out.

B. Weed
Five for Ann Richards' ghost.
Spaceman Africa
"The louder they scream, the more we know that we are getting something done" - Rick Perry, channelling a rapist
you win the comment game


Yup. For you.

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