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Desc:How many of these are they planning on making?
Category:Advertisements, Crime
Tags:What the fuck, Dubstep, captain crunch
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Comment count is 14
who the fuck identifies with this
14-year-olds on bath salts?

I'm sure the team of scarf wearing copywriters who were overpaid to do this are very proud of themselves.

Jet Bin Fever
Your question is perfect, because I thought and thought and I really can't figure out the target for this ad. Adults would never eat a cereal that lacerates the roof of their mouth and is almost pure sugar, but kids wouldn't like the style or "jokes" in it. Teenagers maybe? I don't know much about kids these days. I hope I'm wrong.

He's nautically themed and hates dubstep, so I'm guessing this is aimed at seapunks.

Is there some kind of "what do the kids dig these days" tag?
Rodents of Unusual Size
See it's funny, because he thinks its a technical problem when it's just the hip and with it happenin' sounds of today's dubbing the steps music.

And then it's funny because he's old and apologizes like an old sissy with no backbone. Haha!

Nothing says 2013 like "getting jiggy with it"
oh god does he actually say that?

Was this made by Canadians? It screams "Made in Canada".
It does look like a clip from some painfully mediocre series that would air on whatever they call that channel, Teletoon, that would come on the air and exit it without anyone noticing.

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