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Desc:He gets more for his twisted ankle than she gets for her blown-off arm. Gets good at 4:30
Tags:football, disability, Veterans, Tammy Duckworth
Submitted:The Mothership
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Comment count is 35
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2013-06-29


Meatsack Jones - 2013-06-29

No comments. The vid does it all.

sosage - 2013-06-29

His foot may not qualify, but his completely battered ego is gonna be on disability for life after this.

RocketBlender - 2013-06-29

Fuck this guy.

RocketBlender - 2013-06-29

Jesus Christ, I had to share this with you guys. While looking for more info about this case, I stumbled upon this article on redstate.com, "Tammy Duckworth: Political Hack, Professional Victim, Schoolyard Bully".

http://www.redstate.com/2013/06/27/tammy-duckworth-political-h ack-professional-victim-schoolyard-bully/

I can't even find words for this shit.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2013-06-29

The comments... the comments on that site...

It's amazing how a guy who does contract work for the IRS and who can't even remember when/how he was injured is the hero so long as the bad guy gets to be a Democrat, lost limbs and all.

Oscar Wildcat - 2013-06-30

I'd rather like to send her a copy of Heller's Catch-22 if only for the portions that describe Milo Minderbinder. He's what you were fighting for, Tammy. What, you don't like him up close? Maybe there are other things you don't see too clearly.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2013-06-30

Fighting for your country doesn't preclude you from later having a job where you try to take down a few of the assholes in it, you know.

Gmork - 2018-06-29

Rare miss by Oscar.

TheOtherCapnS - 2013-06-29

On the bright side, he can now claim disability for life for his ruined asshole.

Ursa_minor - 2013-06-29

Starts slow then builds up so much incredible speed at the end.

chairsforcheap - 2013-06-29

like any good orgasm

zerdzer - 2013-06-29

drama yo

joelkazoo - 2013-06-29

I love her.

cognitivedissonance - 2013-06-29

Man, you guys love people who talk instead of murder.

EvilHomer - 2013-06-29

Anyone know the details behind this guy's claim? Just going on the video, it sounds to me like what happened was: Mr Braulio Castillo twisted his ankle in prep school, no complaints. Mr Braulio Castillo joined the military (ROTC? Desk job?), no complaints. Years later, Mr Braulio Castillo has leg pain, puts in for a service connection citing strain from highschool football years. But if Mr Braulio Castillo's injury occurred EPTS, and he admits this, how in tarnation did he manage to get the VBA to approve his service connection? Was it service-aggravated?

I agree that, on the surface, it all sounds pretty dicky. But there's gotta be more to his story... right?

RockBolt - 2013-06-29

No, his "military service" was military prep school, where he broke his foot. He had zero trouble going on to play football in college. He now uses his "military disability" status to win plumb government contracts:

http://blogs.militarytimes.com/outside-the-wire/2013/06/26/sha me-on-you-disabled-vet-duckworth-grills-irs-contractor/

"Braulio Castillo broke his foot in a prep school injury nearly three decades ago at the U.S. Military Preparatory School, which he attended for nine months before playing football in college. He owns a technology business certified as a service-disabled, veteran-owned company eligible for government set aside contracts.

While much of the hearing delved into questions about Roseman and Castillo’s friendship, lawmakers from both parties wondered aloud how a prep school injury suffered so long ago could result in Castillo’s company getting special set aside contract status from the government at a time when so many injured veterans are looking for work."

EvilHomer - 2013-06-29

Whoah whoah whoah wait just a cotton pickin' minute there, pardner.

I had a battle buddy who went to military school. He tore his rotator cuff while playing varsity baseball; but he had surgery and got a medical waiver so he could enlist in the Army. He was in for about a year when some of the staples in his shoulder popped out. Now I didn't really like this guy - he had that douchebag know-it-all attitude you sometimes see in military brat careerists - but damn if he didn't fight to stay off profile. He wouldn't have even gone to the clinic if our CO didn't force him to. He kept carrying stuff and violating his profile like a sir, total Applejack-style, actually made his shoulder much much worse in the process, to the point where it probably wouldn;t ever recover. Guy really wanted to stay in, but the doctors said they didn't want him anymore,and decided to send him home... *on an EPTS (existing prior to service) medical discharge.* In laymans terms, what that means is no benefits, no disability, no severance pay, just a pat on the back and a plane ticket home to homeless unemployment in Bluecollar Bumfuck, Alaska. Oh, and also his wife left him.

I never knew military school counted as active duty service, but if that's the case, holy shitballs they fucked that poor guy over. :(

theSnake - 2013-06-29

Like a sir.. applejack style... is this English or are you a retard?

cognitivedissonance - 2013-06-29

Worse, sprechen zie Bronie?

EvilHomer - 2013-06-29

"What in tarnation" and "cotton picking minute" are also Bronese, Mr theSnake.

baleen - 2013-06-29

I think "like a sir, applejack style" is a great way to describe somebody doing something well under great stress. I have no judgment on this Castillo guy. I think it sucks that people have to bend the rules to get contracts in this country, I've had to flirt with that myself by turning a company I worked for into a "woman-owned" company even though it was a family business. I kind of just wish we lived in a country where very low interest loans, grants and contracts were easily available to all small businesses that had a chance.

Gmork - 2013-06-30

so tempted to 1 star this amazing video just so I can rate evilhomer's use of "applejack" as if anybody but bronies know what the fuck that's supposed to imply (and no, if you elucidate me I will not read it and if I accidentally read anything pertaining to the my little pony characters i'll do everything in my power to smoke that memory away)

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2013-06-30

The derivation of the phrases including "tarnation" and "cotton-pickin'" come from a race found originally in Yosemite. They were characterized by ginger hair, long mustaches, short stature, and a love for firearms. I believe their language was called "Razza-Frazza" by scholars, but I'd have to go look it up to be sure.

memedumpster - 2013-06-29

One of the Job Creators has committed a crime of the niggardly class! Zounds! Ready my horse, Penfold, I must travel to the country and alert the Duke!

Prickly Pete - 2013-06-29

She's a CILF.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2013-06-29

Ehhh... Her arguments do not really address what the guy did. She is mainly just explaining how shitty the US vet healthcare program is. She says it is easily 'gamed' and taken advantage of.. also she says that people with real problems are left waiting and maybe in the future there mighnt even *be* a system!

joelkazoo - 2013-06-29

That was kind of her point. She was saying that it was because of high-profile cases like this man's that the general public gets this idea that all veterans are "faking it" and are unworthy of support, and veterans who truly need assistance right this very minute are shamed into not even trying to apply for it, ultimately costing taxpayers even more money in the long run.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2013-06-29


Rodents of Unusual Size - 2013-06-29

Why would you even show up for this hearing if your excuse is so easy to tear apart?

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2013-06-30

At a guess, I'd say it's never been questioned before.

"Hang on a minute, your books don't exactly balance, here. Maybe we--"
"I'm a disabled vet."
"Oh, really? Damn. Sorry. Here, I've got some cash you can have."

That's a crass exaggeration, of course, but if this guy has been willing to spin an ankle injury into a reason to get preferential treatment for his business, I wouldn't be surprised if he often "wore his purple heart on his sleeve," if you catch my drift.

Syd Midnight - 2013-07-01

It's probably the governmental equivalent of getting chewed out by a high school principal. You just stare at your shoes and look contrite and say sir/ma'am and wait for it to be over, so you can go proudly joke about it with your buddies who will pat you on the back for taking one for the team. Then you resume doing whatever it was that you got yelled at for in the first place, but this time more warily.

Where's a guillotine when you need one?

bopeton - 2013-06-29

Chairman at the end is my favourite part.

The Mothership - 2013-06-30

mine too.

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-07-01

Yay, someone else in congress that I can momentarily be proud of being there. It has been a while.

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