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Desc:Hello Jupiter.
Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:earth, moon, planets, jupiter, scale
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Comment count is 17
Now calculate how dense earth would need to be to hold Jupiter in orbit.

And the tides.

And how long it would block out the sun during an earth orbit

And find out of tidal 'kneading' would melt our planet

Show all work.

(Also guessing the earth would be -inside- Jupiter, if Jupiter were at the distance of the moon)
Why guess? Google for "Jupiter diameter". Then bear in mind the moon is almost 239,000 miles away from us.

Also, about "hold Jupiter in orbit": the earth wouldn't hold Jupiter in orbit any more than the earth holds the moon in orbit. Both the earth and the moon (or hypothetically Jupiter) orbit the center of mass between them, which happens to be closer to the more massive body. So the earth would be more like a moon to Jupiter.

fact: jupiter was our moon we'd all be dinos

What, Italians?

I laughed really hard at the above comment.

il fiore bel
What would happen if we were that close to Uranus?
Feel satisfied that the flowers and chocolate we gave served their purpose?

Kid Fenris
The Jupiter landing was faked. I have proof.
Albuquerque Halsey
This video is misleading. The point of view is too zoomed in. I can't find it, but someone did a mockup of all the planets at the moons distance, and Jupiter would be large in the sky, but still small enough to be blocked by holding you hands together, palms out in front of you at arm's length.
Albuquerque Halsey
OK, I looked it up. The planet Jupiter would cover 20 degrees across the sky. Now, stretch out your arm and make a fist, and look at it with one eye closed. That's 10 degrees of vision it covers (including your thumb) and you can test this by 'stacking' your fists and see that it's 90 degrees from horizon to the zenith (highest point in the sky) So, if you put both of your fists together at arm's length (duh) that's how big Jupiter would look.


So what's it like to be neck deep quality strange on a regular basis?

I appreciate that you are not dumb as hell. Have some stars.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Alternate video is in the hopper
Spaceman Africa
Thanks Chocolate Jesus


Let no tard go unchallenged!

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