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Desc:Conservative humor at its finest.
Category:News & Politics, Trailers
Tags:racism, lotr, painful, read the comments, Obamaphone
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Comment count is 6
Of note, the Lifeline program started while Reagan was in office.

What percentage of Republican grievances against Obama are strawmen easily refuted by simple reason? Its gotta be more than half.
He even acknowledges that Reagan started the program, and Bush expanded it to include cell phones in the opening text, yet somehow this is still Obama's fault.

No president would've gotten rid of this crap, nor could they. When sweeping powers are given, it takes one HELL of a scandal to un-do them. See: Watergate.

We're so apathetic I think it'd take the NSA stabbing at least 50 babies through some iPhones to even get America to notice.

I have a friend who uses the Lifeline program and it's pretty damn restrictive. I think dipshit neocons think that basically anyone (black people I mean) can just walk into a govt. office and get some fucking current gen iPhone 5 or something for free. You have to apply and prove income and this and that, and the phone you get is pretty basic...you're not getting a Galaxy or some shit. The plans you get put onto are also very streamline and basic. And yet, my friend who got the phone used it to help get his shit together, got a job, and got a better phone.

I would have voted for hobbit romney.
This video opens with a straight up take down of itself. I bet that's a really useful rhetorical trick.

"But the George W. Bush administration is the one that started giving out the phones!"

I know I said that already do you have a point or are you just going to repeat things I said?
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