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Desc:... goes horribly wrong.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:NSA, police state, University of Wisconsin, brutal interrogation of known criminals
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The Mothership
five for the Obama lie detector chart. are you just a puppet for the Zionists?
I didn't actually watch the video. There were ten versions of this on YouTube, and I picked the the better audio. I'm glad there wasn't a horse cock or something in there.

What qualifications does one need to be a whistleblower?
I recently met someone online who claims to have gone to college with Snowden. He described him as a narcissist. He says he was on a tennis team with Snowden and that Snowden "dropped out of the team because he wanted to give other people a chance at being #1." He was pretty anti-NSA and didn't seem to have a personal grudge against him.
We both kind of agreed that Snowden came off as a sociopath or narcissist. I don't think he's a whistleblower.

I believe that he wanted to impress his insane girlfriend and satisfy her creepy (read a few pages of her blog) sense of international adventure. He also was not happy being a coding drone for some private contractor. Now he can finally be #1!

Wait, so he didn't actually leak any sensitive information about what the NSA was doing to us? He made all that shit up to impress a girl?

Thank you blogger vigilante who just saved us from wrongly accusing the NSA of wrongdoings! Now, if only someone would tell the NSA that the information he leaked wasn't true, so they can stop acting like it is.

We should totally smear Snowden and not talk about what we've learned. This is very wise.

Dinkin Flicka
If it's the facts, it's not a smear in the sense you mean it. If someone leaked information exonerating the NSA, would you believe it, or believe it as readily as you believe a leak 'smearing' them?

It doesn't have to be false to be a smear campaign. The only relevant strike against Snowden would be if he made the whole thing up. The NSA's reaction proves this to not be the case.

You and baleen are the Joan Rivers of civil liberties debate.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Stars of complete embarrassment ahoy!
Aubrey McFate
You know your recruitment drive is going well when you start talking your audience out of joining!
Stars for the audio and for the video, for very different reasons.
The God of Biscuits
They sure showed those HR people what's what!
Their HR should be better trained to handle these sorts of questions.

Oscar Wildcat
I couldn't get very far into the clip; sounded too much like the hopelessly earnest college age Oscar. Ugh. The current version would rope all his friends into going to the event, and only asking personal questions about the presenters lives.

How often do you like sex?
Have you ever fantasized about children? Animals?
Where are you staying in town?
Where do you live?

etc etc etc.

Poor HR people.

Wont someone apply to feel bad for them?

Back when I was in engineering school, NSA/CIA jobs were meant to sound "cool". I don't think much has changed in the role other than the lack of coolness. They are paid to lie and analyze, that's it. And the whistleblower "question" was just dumb: a question that can't be answered is just throwing it out there.
Jet Bin Fever
So they're not going to sign up?
Syd Midnight
The solution for the NSA of course is stylish scary uniforms like the real SS had, and being really polite. The solution for the students would be to all sign up for jobs there.
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