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Desc:Im so glad I've never eat there, and I've eaten Arby's.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:All You Can Eat, do not eat, golden corral, Dumpster food, maggot mansion
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Comment count is 25
It's a catchy slogan, "All you can eat ribs ... by the dumpster".

Show a Golden Corral logo at the end and you've got a whole new ad campaign.
Olde Country Buffet up here turned to employing entirely prisoner day labor because they couldn't keep people employed. They're out of business now, but I remember that being a bit of a scandal.
I remember that place! Kind of next to Burrito Heaven. I was terrified of it.

Let's bond over Burrito Heaven.

I thought the Golden Corral in Marysville, WA was the only one. It's great for people watching.
We have them in the Ohio Valley area too... I was kind of hoping it was just a regional outbreak, it's awful food.

Their ads run in California, so I am pretty sure we have these dens of slop peppered throughout the state. I can only imagine how horribly disgusting the chocolate fountain dip is. Chocolate being touched by every unwashed hand in the place dipping fuck knows what into it, being rerouted back up to the top.

Crab Mentality
We have them in Texas, although I've never eaten at one. The commercials always featured slightly funny looking families in their commercials, which I always took to say "Look, we don't judge here."

Crab Mentality
The repetitive nature of my comment has shamed me. I'd make a joke about eating at Golden Corral as penance, but no.

They're up in Cleveland too, though the one nearest me folded some years ago and now houses a funeral home. 100% true.

There's a Golden Corral in Fargo, and for a while it was so bad they actually lost their license, and were just called "The Buffet" for a few months while they tried to get it back, which they eventually did. My folks insist on eating there whenever they're in town (even back when they were just "The Buffet"), tho they're the type of people who consider "all you can eat" to be a challenge.

They're all over the country. I ate at one about 4 years ago. Food was decent, but goddamn there are some FAT ASSES there! I was eating and just staring at the FAT ASSES! I swear they need troughs and feedbags for some of those people.

Got one in Topeka. Good ol' Golden Corral has been cited and fined many times last year because of their horrible food safety violations.

http://cjonline.com/news/2012-09-30/restaurants-receive-discip linary-actions (remove the space where needed)

Fortunately, for all the horrible people in my town, it remains open and ready to serve you spoiled meat.

P.S. God bless you dude who actually cares about his customers.

I like to look at the fat asses of girls in Marysville, WA.

These things are fucking everywhere, and they're terrible.

To be fair, if you are going to buffets, you have already fucked up.
This is why I eat at Ryan's instead.
I wish I knew any chefs in Florida, so I could make sure this kid has a job. Kid's got moxie; he should be cooking in a real restaurant not some chain slop house.
Slop House would be a great buffet name. Perhaps if proceeded with a redname. Wyatt's Slop House.

Jet Bin Fever
Follow up news story. Ignore the annoying live chat if you can.

And this is the owner's response:
Notice the amount of citations the restaurant has gotten SINCE 2012.
Spaceman Africa
They actually made Denny's look good by comparison
Dennys is just a chain diner serving diner food. Gold Corral is a feeding trough of endless slop and fountains of luke warm chocolate for you and every passing child to stick their fat hands in to.

It's gone :(
Caminante Nocturno
Thinking about Golden Corral made me sick before I even started playing the damn video.
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