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Desc:It quickly becomes apparent that he doesn't know anything about the game OTHER than the glitches.
Category:Video Games, Educational
Tags:NES, Metroid, bugs, ulillillia, glitches
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The Mothership
pressed peanut sweepings
Holy barely-functioning autism! Talk about not seeing,the forest for the trees..
Something's not quite right about this.

What the fuck, U?!? This is completely unacceptable!
Do I like rhetorical questions, you may ask?
Koda Maja
Hmm, rhetorical questions.

I'm pretty sure at least one of these (the double jump thing) is a game mechanic.
I've never heard double jumping in the first metroid referred to as anything other than a glitch (although it became a legitimate feature of later games). I think it's funny how he obsesses over how you don't flash in the lava when you take damage, but you do flash from enemy damage. It doesn't occur to him that it's a different kind of damage, so flashing isn't necessary.

"I haven't figured out what the point of this game is yet."

I don't think he has found the point of any game he ever played.
Ulillillia is a great hero of the gamer age.

Ancient games I don't care about anymore.
That double jump bug(?) would have been VERY useful to me... 15 years ago. *sniffle*

cant give this any stars, depressing
In the second part (I fouled up the 2 part submission--sorry), he doesn't even recognize the metroids.
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