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Desc:Just a little misunderstanding.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Miami Connection, parking lots are dangerous places
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Comment count is 15
"There's been a misunderstanding!"

"You don't understand!"
This is on Netflix streaming, and I really can't stress enough how totally and utterly THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME this is.
Added to queue, thanks.

:D this is necessary watching.
I was amazed that this movie ended up on Netflix streaming. I hope its success inspires them to buy tons of hilariously shitty movies and make an entire section for it.
In a few years, that would be "everything not Pixar or Star Wars," and I'm being generous about the Star Wars part.

Jet Bin Fever
I had seen it last year at Thanksgiving (Zhou Fang brought it over) and then noticed not too long ago they put it up. Such a happy thing. I'm glad they know that movies like this, Birdemic, and A Talking Cat!?! are cheap and have a devoted following.

I thought that was Crackle's job.

The most bad-assed gang - you can get if you hire those guys your friend knows to appear in the film. You know, those guys.
Just finished watching it. You guys weren't joking.
The greatest movie about orphan Tae Kwon Do masters that form a rock band of all time.
Want to see it.
This is a parking lot of a local college, no less.

Also, while this movie is fantastic and all, ya'll aren't showing Samurai Cop enough respect.
This movie has the perfect amount of cheese
The line immediately before this scene:

"Our mom had a hard life, and a little while after that, she died. And then our dad died, and after a while...he left us."

Uh, what?
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