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Desc:One of the few SFW Rock Bitch clips.
Category:Arts, Religious
Tags:90s, germany, Lesbians, Rock Bitch, sex cult
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Comment count is 9
Wow. I had never heard of Rockbitch before. Thanks!
They're pretty much the greatest goth wiccan radical feminist lesbian sex commune funk-metal band to ever piss on each other on stage as part of a ritual to harvest the sexual energy of the audience for their goddess (or something to that effect - that's what they were about).

Sounds hot!

Can someone suggest a song? I looked them up on YouTube and it just looked like a goth chick band playing some kind of boring lamenting lost love song. Is there a song I should have looked for specifically?

Check Vimeo.

"Fist Fuck" is a pretty catchy one, for what it is but your best bet is to find one of the documentaries about them.

"Whore Of Satan" is pretty representative, if tame (but still highly NSFW, so be warned)


I mean, don't even think about work while you're watching that.

Because "Tame" in this case still involves objects entering orifices, and piss entering mouths, and some Dutch guy in the audience with a dildo on his head.

Well, even if you're too weird for Germany, there's always Japan. Japan loves it weird.
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