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Desc:No blood and no one dies, but the lions figure out who has the upper hand.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Pets & Animals
Tags:circus, lions, heart of darkness, WORLDSTARHIPHOP, lion tamers
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Attica, Attica!
Binro the Heretic
I like the two lions giving each other a befuddled look.

"Are...are we supposed to jump in on that? Did they change the script? Anyone tell you anything?"
I thought it was more like: "Oh god, Julian, knock it off! You're embarrassing us."

You know what's terrible? Circuses.
We'll gladly pay to have our children watch the King of Cats abused, but shield their eyes when lions fight back. These people all deserve to die, fuck them.
You know what?

They will.

They will all die.

It's a source of some comfort. You know: that they will all die. Unfortunately, probably in better circumstances than the lions.

Addendum: die with their heads in a lion's jaws.

Circuses that don't use wild animals are awesome though (clowns, acrobats, firedancers, etc.) I don't know why this is still legal.

Circus people are the worst people. For once I kind of wish a video was a little more gruesome.
They should have kept the music going.
Here's what I don't get.
You go to see a guy order lions around because hey, lions should naturally kill people and it's neat to see people order lions around. Then when a lion does what actually SHOULD happen, everyone freaks out like "How could this happen??"

Jet Bin Fever
I got the chickenpox a day before my mom took me to the circus as a child. I regretted not getting to go for years. Then, as a teen or an adult I finally learned how terrible these places are. The circus is a relic of the past, thankfully, and they are dying out quickly.
I'd pay to see circus trainers get mauled.
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