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Desc:He found it at a second hand shop (already)
Category:Video Games
Tags:video games, Android, Ashens, ouya
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Comment count is 18
Someone paid 00 for that. So they could play phone games on their TV.
What mystifies me about the Ouya is why anyone though it would be some kind of indie powerhouse thing when it took the chief good thing about Droid OS, it's open-endedness and portability, and then destroyed it by requiring devs to make specific PORTS of their titles just for the Ouya, thus ensuring very few launch titles, if any, that connect to pre-established, solid games.

The Mad Katz MOJO thing looks to be what the Ouya should have been, which is just a console that plays straight Droid games that do not have to be ported, merely updated to support non-touch controls.

i got one because my associate thought it might be a good platform to port over some of our back catalog of flash games. most of them work ok without any changes, though i haven't tried to sell anything yet so there may be some hidden frustrations waiting for me in the future.

i needed a new media center anyway so i put xbmc and netflix on it.

For fuck's sake, I thought these were like 5.

I mean really, the Droid 4 that I got used for has HDMI output and Bluetooth, Wifi, USB for connectivity with some kind of controller, what makes this so much better?

Yes, that's a rhetorical question.

More like , either retail (now) or through the kickstarter. I think the 00 figure is BS.

Its the kickstarter version, which means the person donated about 00 to get one

Pretty sure the 00 one is clear. You got an Ouya for and above on the kickstarter.

Then its my bad. I thought it was 00+ during the early kickstart phase. As in, if you donated a certain level then you got the dev model, etc

Are people really so enamored by a mild accent that they can stand 16 minutes of this?
Aubrey McFate
Internally, the company call that controller the "Stradivarius controller." If you bought the console through the Kickstarter, it includes an insert that says "thank you for believing".

Aubrey McFate
Crap, wasn't mean to be a reply. And that's supposed to be "called". I am best commenter.

ouya bashing

Also, I can't help but think someone bought this with the explicit intention of taking it to a second hand store to make some convoluted point/troll. If you know what Kickstarter is and know what the Ouya is, no doubt you know what eBay is.

If you know what and Ouya is and live near Ashens, you probably know who he is and that he will probably find it at the second hand store.

Sexy Duck Cop
I have no idea why Ouya bashing feels so good. They're the ambitious, scrappy underdogs we're supposed to be rooting for over the bloodless multinational conglomerates. But there's something offensively stupid and insular about their business model that makes you want to bully them.

The problem is they're every bit as bloodless as the corporate hegemony they'd like to disrupt.

ouya? fuck youya
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