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Desc:Manic pixie dream girls are on the decline
Tags:indie film, Generation Y, Adults, manic pixie dream girls
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Comment count is 12
Man I wanted to do this. They beat me. I hated Garden State.
Garden State's advertising did an outstanding job of making me feel like it was a movie I would have absolutely zero interest in.

I hated it too, paid to see it in a theater and regretted it. I know a few girls that appear to be manic pixies but are much more like the normal girl here.

I found this very entertaining, since no one I know has ever dated anyone not absolutely batshit nuts.
She's not quirky, but she suffers from that god-awful problem effecting contemporary women: vocal fry.
Vocal fry is sexy.

Jet Bin Fever
^ What is wrong with you?

John Holmes Motherfucker
Zooey Deschannel. Am I right?
Nothing chafes my hide worse than the abysmal genre of Indie Roco
I have a manic pixie girl, but she's actually diagnosed schizotypal. I love her but I really love the moments when she's medicated the most.
I believe the dichotomy between MPDG and Boring is what the logical fallacies video would call a "false dilemma."
John Holmes Motherfucker
It's another way in which romantic comedies are not like life. If you and the woman you are forced together with by fate hate each other, you're more likely to continue hating each other than to fall in love.
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