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Desc:Boy oh boy this guy
Category:Humor, Crime
Tags:louis ck, Denis Leary, Opie & Anthony
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Comment count is 16
It's a dupe, but the other one is tagged shittily so there.
And that guy in his 40s who pretends hes still in college...donald cooke?... stole his bit about the itchy asshole.
There are allegedly three bits Dane stole from Louis, but looking at them I say Dane is just fine. My take on it:

1) The "itchy asshole" thing: wait, are itchy assholes an experience unique to Louis CK? Or has he patented the entire topic of itchy assholes? Dane did a different joke about itchy assholes, and I say it's a public domain topic.

2) The "funny names" bit. Just because you're doing a joke about giving a kid a funny name, doesn't mean you're ripping Louis CK off. If anything, Louis CK is ripping Steve Martin off for doing a joke like that on one of his albums, and Steve is ripping HIMSELF off for doing a different joke on a different album.

3) "Traffic accident" -- two very different jokes that deal with traffic accidents. I don't think that's a "bad thing".

Binro the Heretic
My objection to Dane Cook is not that he steals jokes, it's that he's so completely fucking unfunny he's actually nega-funny. Everything else is slightly less funny because of Dane Cook.

I like Ryan Reynolds less than he deserves because he kind of looks like Dane Cook.

Ryan Reynolds has also been in tons of shit movies and is a bland actor yet Hollywood insists on marketing him into an action star.

Reynolds is type cast for our need to see dane cook hurt.

For most of the early 00s I thought Ryan Reynolds and dave cook were the same person. Like miley cyrus and hannah montana.
(Tangent topic: Why is John Cusak constantly put in action roles? Hes the fucking mope from High Fidelity and Say Anything. Stop trying to make him a CIA agent!)

Comedians are second only to magicians when it comes to being shrieky little sperglords about "theft" ie a person more famous and successful than me did something with vaguely the same premise PAY ATTENTION TO ME

Much like how Megan Fox is a porn actress who is given real roles for no apparent reason, Ryan Reynolds is a guy born to be a slightly comic relief sidekick who keeps getting miscast as the lead.

Did Dane Cook beat up women too?

Sexy Duck Cop
Louis CK is a brilliant, innovative, hardworking man who devotes the vast majority of his wealth to charity and personal projects. He is an A-list celebrity who voluntarily produces a critically acclaimed TV show on a shoestring budget and takes constant risks with his career. Even in this interview he's pretty restrained and eve-handed in his criticism.

Remind me again WHO WANTS DESSERT done.
PoE was literally founded to make fun of people who use this argument fyi

Don't gotta be a chef to know I don't like a shit sandwich, don't gotta be a pilot to recognize a smoking wreckage, etc. etc. u mad son

OPIE: He more than just stole a bit from you.
ANTHONY: That's his signature fucking thing.
LOUIE: (Responds with class and even compliments.)

lol u mad rofl


One starring a louis CK video is something even I wouldn't bounce back from. And I wouldn't deserve to. I'll stick to second amendment issues thank you very much.

Amazing interview.

So if I'm getting this right, Denis Leary stole a fledgling Louis CK's bit and made it a signature theme song, while at the same time carving his image and ripping off bits from Bill Hicks.
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