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Desc:One guess as to where he goes with this.
Category:Educational, Sports
Tags:D&D, SFW fetish, theDMsCraft, male feminists, huge troll titties
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Comment count is 14
that intro really catapults the momentum, his riveting charisma locks us in, and i love how he says 'have breasts like woman would' rather than 'do'
Wow... make sure to stay for the models. Those are the meanest looking tits I've ever seen.
National geographic meets stephen king.

Albuquerque Halsey
Angry tits. Mean tits. Those are tits that would tell you that they wanted you to clean the garage after you got home after a 14 hour work day.

See, THIS is a nerd.
Nary a cute girl with glasses and a Wii shirt to be found within a day's hard ride, sooth.

It does bring up the question of why all the orcs and trolls are always guys. How do they breed?
Orcs and trolls are nerds. They don't breed.

Monkey Napoleon
I'm not SUPER sure gender equality is worth it given the game derailment that's going to take place when your players start laughing uncontrollably after they get a look at those nips.
Cherry Pop Culture


So I am dating again. And sure enough, the man I am currently seeing sounds...a lot like this. He is older than me, so I'm sure some of it is generational. The boyfriend *does* want to see diverse and dynamic characters in tabletop games. The current game he is DM'ing has more women playing than men; it's something I have never seen or heard of. He tries hard to be a good male feminist and still learning (like me). I have had this conversation before with men who work in comic book and game stores, one where we are seeing men actually want to see women in more than cheesecake roles. I am under the assumption it is happening in other places too.

I *do* like this guys' ogre lady. I like seeing female characters that aren't pretty and dainty.
You mean, female characters that you can more easily identify with.

I'm all for this guy, but he's still funny.

In real life he'd probably be fun to bump in to around town.

Jet Bin Fever
That wasn't quite what I was expecting.
Would you fuck a giant-titted orc? I would!
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