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Desc:It's EARTHBOUND! It's about time!!
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:Earthbound, Mother, Mother 2, There was no Mother 3
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Say Fuzzy Pickles!
I'm confused...what's the incentive to pay ten dollars for a rom that's been free on my PC for the last fifteen years?
People like you are why Mother 3 was never localized.

Piracy is wrong.

i wonder if they retooled the music? but yeah i'll stick to the rom.
I can already confirm that no they did not. The ___terday joke is still in tact as well.

I wonder if that had something to do with the steeper price tag.

amazing, i really thought they would never clear the original music.

and i mean, what a massive game. i still want to kill myself for loaning it to a friend, still want to kill him for never returning it, will never forget the smell of the scratch and sniff cards, and i do believe that the final boss battle was a giant time-traveling abortion.

It totally was! There's another Earthbound video somewhere on poe where one of the users explains all of the Earthbound lore from bother Mother and Mother 2. It leaves you in disbelief that Nintendo actually made this game.

I actually really like Nintendo's MiiVerse pages for the VC games. They're fun to share favorite moments on, see all the fan drawings, comics, etc. Yes, they can be viewed without owning the game, but I like to contribute.

That all said, is a really gougetastic price. Every other SNES game has been at most.
I would be more excited about this, but it's only for Wii U and I see no reason to get one. Put together a package deal of Mother 1-3 on the Wii Virtual Console and then we'll talk.
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