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Desc:Jiz @ The Faultline doing a Scissor Sisters parody.
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:, scissor sisters, jiz, lets have a kiki, lets have a peepee
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Comment count is 6
-1 star for shattering the illusion of what I hoped Sienna looked like, and for people not shutting the fuck up.
fucking right. i am looking away and doing lsd on a work night so that thsi si alla drame adn he don't bldone wig or some very striaght PUPLE HOODIE or some shti FROGET FROGET THAT SHE A HE dog gamit.

he's a comedian and a writer, not a drag queen. if it helps: he actually doesn't look anything like the person on stage.

regarding the crowd: The Faultline is essentially a bear / leather sexclub. It was shut down a year or so ago during a sting operation by undercover cops who busted dudes for fucking on a pool table.

So one of the first jokes he tells is 'i know you are all out to have fun tonight, but please be careful, i don't want anyone to leave this party with anything permanent, like a boyfriend. I was going to say AIDS, but you know, this crowd, too late.'

That got a ton of (amazing) boos and from there on he lost the audience. I say it was worth it.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Oh man, Sienna needs some people that want to actually laugh, then. I think he's awesome.

@yogarfield: what?

@misterbuns: that is a fucking stellar line.

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