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Desc:Hedges is interviewed by RNN on the financial crisis and current politics of the US of A.
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:socialism, Uprising, chris hedges, rnn, finance
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Spoiler Alert: No, because we are assholes.
Pretty much sums it up, yeah.

Can we? Yes.


We Americans would rather have our country ground to dust than suffer an inconvenience for something that doesn't offer immediate gratification.

"We're all on the Pequod"

Binro the Heretic
Maybe we'll be lucky and it will turn out to be the Patna instead?

We are so screwed.
Chris Hedges is two steps away from being Alex Jones.
But those steps are "sanity" and "insight."

Hedges is much more together than Alex Jones, jeez. I think Hedges should consider becoming a policy maker. It's really easy to talk about rioting in Paris as if actually "kept the oligarchy scared." Actually having to deal with a country on a professional level, where the majority of people consider themselves conservative, pushing through policy decisions that are nearly impossible to put together, is a very difficult and thankless task. Hedges sometimes inspires me, but then turns around and pisses me off in the same essay.

I'd just like to step in: I live in Mississippi and I'm from New Orleans. I do not think the "majority" of this country considers themselves conservative, especially when opinion poll after opinion poll finds support for public options and more social solutions in the face of unfettered finance capital. I'm willing to grant 50/50, but I think a majority is a stretch. Even here, even when I was at Ole Miss, there was a vocal and very visible support for Nader in 2000. If I want to, I can be at a socialist party meeting within the week in the state. I think the "conservative majority" considers themselves so because they just bitch and moan the loudest and have everyone afraid of identifying as anything else in public for fear of livelihood. At least that's how it works here.

Plus, conservative ideals, even those trotted out by the DNC, are in the interest of capital. So I'm saying I think it's intentional sample bias to force a public perception of the country that isn't true.

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