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Desc:A selection of scenes from Orange is the New Black.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:poetry, Prison, Netflix, wife, Orange is the new black
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Comment count is 15
I keep wanting to enjoy this show, but it's not easy. It's like it can't tell if it's being written for a male demographic or a female one.

It has some great moments, but those are few and far between.
Also, the main character is the least interesting part of the show.

Well the woman this show is based on is one of the least interesting people. She did 13 months in minimum security female only for carrying her girlfriend's money to europe and then a wrote a book. Now she is on some media tour about how non violent people such as herself should never go to prison. She's adopted this theatrical persona of rich white woman with perfect elocution does hard time and comes out enlightened.

I do sorta agree that non-violent people shouldn't go to the same spots as murderers but that is the point of min-sec prisons, isn't it?

Binro the Heretic
I get the impression this is another "mighty whitey" show.
I had a problem with weeds for the same reason. Pretty well to do white woman has problems...I...meh. Granted I did start to like Weeds and Nancy Botwin is a kickass kicks ass. blah blah blah.
Oh man oh boy stay the hell away from HBO's "Girls".

I thought this show wasn't showing how great the white woman is or how tough her problems are, but how her bourgeois-lifestyle has completely disconnected her from some very real shit in the world and does not suit her existence outside her social class.

In the first two episodes, the only ones I watched, the main character is constantly confronted with how inadequate her means of dealing with people and situations ares when those people aren't other bourgeoisie and those situations are not bourgeoisie problems.

So in other words, she, um, goes to prison.

Yes, but if we understand the intended audience to be bourgeois middle-class, then this show has the possibility convincing them to "check their white privilege." So there.

Adham Nu'man
Jesus Christ 5 for crap.
I gave it 2 episodes. No real magic here, the pilot didnt hook you in, and the humor is lacking. Curb Your Enthusiasm is about the only thing worth watching when it comes to a comedy series.
Adham Nu'man
Early breaking bad was incredibly funny. Louie was great at the beginning, haven't watched it in a while.

Please teach me Shakespeare.
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