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Desc:Serious business
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:bill nye, SCIENCE!, extinction, asteroid, rage
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Comment count is 14
Those asteroids look like delicious chocolate chip cookie dough, I say bring them on!
The wishing cookie.
I think being on Fox News and cnbc too many times has lowered mr. Nyes' expectations about average intelligence.
This is especially distressing when you realize he got famous hosting a television show committed to teaching small children about scientific fundamentals.

You mean it showed him that he had grossly overestimated humanity and that now he doesn't have enough life left to try and educate it, because he never thought he'd have to? Must suck to not be cynical.

Fucking space bees with their laser eyes that feed off the sun, eh bill? That's what you got?
The answer is "prayer", right?
Cockmaster Flash
This is not the right question.

We should be asking, "Should we stop an asteroid?"
How can I ride said asteroid, Dr Strangelove-style?

Caminante Nocturno
I wonder how the other cast members of Almost Live have aged.
God he looks so old. I'm sorry, Bill, I'm so, so sorry.
Jet Bin Fever
There's a charity that is trying to build a satellite to circle the sun and use IR just as Bill says. It's pretty neat.
We're reduced to being saved by charity.

Standing on a skateboard and playing catch with a bowling ball... the way you do....
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