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Desc:Nash doesn't deny Corny's summary of his skills.
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:Kevin Nash, Cornette Face, 6 moves
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Comment count is 9
I love how he protests that the snake eyes is another one. Also, I'm a pretty big wrestling nerd and what the hell is the squisher?
That's when you snort the coke off one wrestler's abs while another other one is coming in your ass.

Was "The Squisher" the thing Nash did where a dude is in the corner and he just runs into them? Like "The Stinger Splash" maybe without the jump? No jumping because he's Nash.

Nash is right. It doesn't matter how many moves you use as long as you win. The Great Khali has won matches only using a chop, and Cena pisses off smarks with his limited move set. Still he's on his way to being the most decorated wrestler ever.
blue vein steel
I know you're sort of trolling by legitimizing anything that khali has ever done, but Nash's Nolan Ryan analogy should be more like "Tom Cruise has one character that he uses for almost every movie, but that one character has made his hundreds of millions of dollars, so suck it."

blue vein steel
also Nash completely sucks. i know you like Cena and all, which isn't really that bad, but defending Nash?

I'm just playin'. Nash is an idiot for using Ryan as an example. Unlike baseball wrestling is about story telling and Nash was extremely limited in his ability to tell a story. He just thought being tall was good enough. Fuck Nash. He clearly doesn't care about what Cornette is saying, as he never really cared about wrestling period.

And baseball has real fighting in it. Nolan liked to try and hit people with the ball, knowing they wouldn't ruin their own career by caving in his skull with a baseball bat, like a normal human would.

At least you're aware that Cena's got no moves. He's all good looks and camera presence, nothing more.

Sort of like Applejack.

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