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Desc:the dude who saved those 3 women. Basically for being black
Category:News & Politics
Tags:conservatives, charles ramsey, micheal savage, douchebaggery of the highest degree
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Comment count is 32
Jet Bin Fever
In other words, poor black people are incapable of good because they talk funny and eat McDonald's.
He is a nutricionalist, so I'm sure that gives him reason to loath McDonald's. Hate the food not the eater.

His son invented Rock Star Energy Drink. His show is largely funded by donations from his son. He's not exactly a health guru.

Savage's actual surname is "Weiner."

His son's name, according to Wikipedia, is Russell Goldencloud "Russ" Weiner.

Good ol' Rusty Golden Weiner.

5 for michael savage being fucking evil. I had a roommate who listened to that fuckbag.
five for also having a roommate who was mad into this guy. He also tried to french kiss me like the end of american beauty.

holy shit

This man is a massive piece of shit who needs to have his ass beaten. Not just for being the edgy against the grain dissenting right wing opinion in a sensationalist piece of media. Yeah this was funny and the guy handled the situation pretty well regardless of him getting a little over excited but Savage basically attacks him for the way he spoke and for being unemployed.

He also attacked Jodi Arias in another video but for really petty things. Called her a "liberal recycler" because she said she wanted to start a recycling program in prison and then for donating her hair to locks of love. Yeah it was all for publicity but he also called her a "man killer" as if it was the worst crime imaginable. Fuck this clown

Also he said Ramsey attended bbqs at the home as if it were something suspicious. If you are kidnapping somebody and holding them in the basement of your home in a residential area with neighbors, the last thing you would want to do is start acting suspicious. Soundproof your basement, gag the victims, tell them if they make a sound you'll kill them, whatever and have people over to show that you have nothing to hide. This is basic stuff, Savage.
Unemployment is a thousand times more progressive a profession than conservative pundit. If every one of those assholes suddenly became unemployed, the boost to society would be tremendous.

Please, call him by his birth name Michael Weiner. I can understand wanting to change your name from Weiner if you're getting into media, but changing it to Savage is overcompensating.

On the other hand changing Poffo to Savage is freakin' awesome.

Do we have any quotes about the Anthony Weiner contro-bubble? I'd love to hear him worm around that one.

'Allegedly' kidnapped? I'm 30 seconds in and already I want to punch him.
Standing up for obviously guilty latinos must be a byproduct of the George Zimmerman trial.

The YT comments are a fucking goldmine of "I'm not racist, but.." racist garbage.

Also, a weird diversion into how women are now racists because of equal rights or something.
"I'm not racist but..." is the catchy phrase of the 2010s

Sudan no1
It really seems like the US right wing is becoming even more sexist than it used to be, so now they are a "big tent" of racists AND sexists, such fine fellows.

"I'm the least racist person on Youtube."

The GOP started the whole "political correctness" jazz because they knew their base were tired of being called racists and bigots for doing things like using ethnic slurs, asking for people to be arrested because they weren't white, etc.

It got them votes, since nobody likes having it pointed out that their "innocent" gay-bashing or desire that anyone with brown skin be deported is a sign of a larger, deeper hatred.

But like with all things the Republican Party did back in the 90's, they underestimated just how backward their base is, and those who really, REALLY hate minorities have been riding the Tea Party wave into office, where they've been scrawling racist screeds all over the walls, signing them "love, the GOP" and wondering why their own party is angry with them.

Spaceman Africa
Gotta love the comment that says that community should be gassed because the people in it had too many tattoos and piercings.

For some time, the Right knew to keep the most virulent racism / misogyny hidden from public view, so people on the Left suspected it was still there, but couldn't quite prove it except for "isolated incidents", and looked a little paranoid whenever they'd voice their suspicions about how widespread it really was. Well who's laughing now? (Answer: nobody, because it's not really all that funny.)

The concept of "Political Correctness" originated in universities, about the only place where the phenomenon can actually be observed, and the term came up as academia was diagnosing one of the tendencies it sometimes inspires. But that's different from what the Right considers "Political Correctness", which is just them getting called out for being racist misogynist assholes.

I'm surprised Sarks hasn't attacked Charles Ramsey yet. I mean, here are these three women, "helpless" and "in need of saving", and surprise surprise along comes some MAN to save the damsels in distress. Typical patriarchal American fascist pig.

I'm not saying the news should stop reporting stories in which the women are nothing more than passive victims, I'm just saying we should have a conversation about it.

How else would you explain the media's treatment of these kidnappings, Holmes? All the focus has shifted to The Man and what He did to "save the damsels". Journalists are supposed to be on the forefront of social awareness, so if it's wrong when vidya games do it, then it's triply wrong when the news media does it.

There's probably Missing White Girl Syndrome in there, too, in so far as the only "victim" who's got any face time is Amanda Berry, the Pretty Blonde White One.

John Holmes Motherfucker
(Double facepalm.)

John Holmes Motherfucker

http://celebdirtylaundry.tumblr.com/post/55098167567/people-co ver-cleveland-kidnapping-victims-finally

http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57595847/amanda-berry-clev eland-kidnapping-victim-makes-surprise-public-appearance/

http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57584039/cleveland-women-s tart-road-to-recovery-after-nightmare/

The only thing I can't really work out is how this story should be interpreted vis-a-vis race relations. Clearly, the Male Savior narrative trumps the Missing White Girl narrative in contemporary discourse, *even when* the Male Savior is both black and working class. Granted, there are obviously some elements of voyeuristic Minstrelsy underlying society's appreciation of Charles Ramsey (he didn't "go viral" because he was erudite, well-dressed, and quoting passages from Franz Fanon), but we are still more than happy to accept him as our Hero. Completely ignoring the efforts of a strong, determined woman, a woman who affected *her own rescue* by breaking through a door. Either this shows us how far the African American community has come, or how much farther Women have to go.

I'd love to deconstruct this issue further, but I'm afraid it's hard to do so with my... limited resources. Cultural hermeneutics doesn't pay for itself. Perhaps if you sent me a few thousand dollars, I could continue my valuable work.

Come on, John. We can all cite our Samus Arans, our Lara Crofts, even our Princess Peachs in SMB2. But Lara Croft is brutally murdered, John. Over, and over, and over again.

Four or five little examples that do not blatantly conform to the patriarchy's sexist tropal structure in no way invalidates the fact that the male mind loves to think it can "rescue" women.

William Topaz McGonagall
daily reminder that Michael Savage has had Allen Ginsburg's penis in his mouth.
Father Avalanche
Beat me to it, you so and so.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Savage is certainly a lying hateful piece of shit, but I don't really think this guy qualifies as a hero. He opened the door, and called 911, that's more of a good Samaritan than an actual hero. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Good Samaritans probably do more good in the world.
He's a Good Enough Samaritan as far as I'm concerned.

Spaceman Africa
I misread that as attacking Gordon Ramsey, and was fully expecting a very vitriolic Scottish response.
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